Santo Domingo Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Santo Domingo Perfume Oil


An exotic, sultry blend of tobacco leaf, bay rum and heady Caribbean blossoms.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Jahmiah

    A lovely blend! My skin chemistry turns the tobacco and bay rum into a sweet and subtly wood smell. The blossoms are not overtly floral but add a softness to it. Its sort of like sticking one’s head into a of a salt-crusted wooden chest full of sweet tobacco. Aged it is even better.

  2. Gloame

    I think I finally understand what the folks on forums mean when they say a tobacco note is “chewy”. This does smell like you could chew on it! It feels more ‘solid’ maybe. IDK if I’m getting the bay rum – it’s all tobacco to me – but it’s really interesting and delightful. I’m so glad I ordered an imp of this. I’m going to let it age a while and see what happens to that rum.

  3. abovezenith

    This scent is unusual in the aspect that I wouldn’t think that tobacco and bay rum would work so well with the florals in this scent. It reminds me of relaxing on a beach during sunset with the warm Caribbean wind blowing. One of those smells that creates a distinct visual.

    This smells very sophisticated and lovely. The floral and rum are dominant on me, but it creates a feminine smell to it and not too overbearing.

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