• Bathsheba


    4.14 out of 5

    The Seventh Daughter, Daughter of the Oath. She was King David’s lover, and the mother of King Solomon. Her scent is breathtakingly lovely, exotic and powerfully sensual in its innocence: carnation, sensual plum, and Arabian musk.

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  • Intrigue


    4.5 out of 5

    A sultry, exotic scent that inspires devious plotting and clandestine affairs. It is a scent painted in artifice, veiled in deceit, and slithering with whispered secrets. Black palm, with cocoa, fig and shadowy wooded notes.

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  • Kabuki


    3.5 out of 5

    Compelling, complex, and utterly enigmatic: a luxuriant, exotic blend of cherry, red musk, and star anise.

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  • Port-au-Prince


    4.25 out of 5

    Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras.

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  • Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo

    4 out of 5

    An exotic, sultry blend of tobacco leaf, bay rum and heady Caribbean blossoms.

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  • Snake Oil

    Snake Oil

    4.25 out of 5

    By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla.

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  • Voodoo Lily

    Voodoo Lily

    3.25 out of 5

    Amorphallus, indeed. A breathtakingly exotic, wild, and grossly erotic spicy gold, purple-black, and burgundy lily.

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