Swarmageddon Perfume Oil $32.00

Swarmageddon Perfume Oil


The cry of the cicada

Gives us no sign

That presently they will die

– Matsuo Bashō, translated by William George Aston


This year, the forests of the eastern United States will be abuzz (pun intended) with the concurrent emergence of two separate broods, the 17-year-old Brood XIII and 13-year-old Brood XIX. A cicada extravaganza like this one hasn’t been seen since 1803!


A scent fit for a Swarmageddon: soft, dark soil, black pepper, tonka bean, decaying leaves, licorice root, ambrette seed, sweet vetiver, bourbon vanilla, oakmoss, brown labdanum, elm bark, vegetable leather, clary sage, 13-year aged patchouli, 17-year aged patchouli, and two bright red specs of dragon’s blood resin.


Art: Kingfisher, Cicada, and Willow Tree, Qing Dynasty, China

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