Dragon's Blood Resin

  • A Torch Steeped in Blood Perfume Oil

    Pine pitch and clove-tinged dragon’s blood resin.

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  • dried is the blood of thy lover

    Dried is the Blood of Thy Lover Perfume Oil

    What broke off the garlands that girt you?

    What sundered you spirit and clay?

    Weak sins yet alive are as virtue

    To the strength of the sins of that day.

    For dried is the blood of thy lover,

    Ipsithilla, contracted the vein;

    Cry aloud, “Will he rise and recover,

    Our Lady of Pain?”


    Dragon’s blood resin, myrrh, red musk, vetiver, black clove, and cassia.

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  • BPAL label that says Empowering

    Empowering Perfume Oil

    A fortifying eruption of strength, courage, stamina, determination, and personal power.

    This oil includes dragon’s blood resin, red ginger, high john the conqueror root, cedar, frankincense, ambrette seed, bergamot, and hyssop.

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  • encounter with a female ghost

    Encounter with a Female Ghost Perfume Oil

    Cypress, immortelle, and white amber enveloping red spider lily petals, dragon’s blood resin, and black plum.

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  • When thy will stung the world into strife

    When Thy Will Stung the World into Strife Perfume Oil

    Dost thou dream, in a respite of slumber,
    In a lull of the fires of thy life,

    Of the days without name, without number,

    When thy will stung the world into strife;

    When, a goddess, the pulse of thy passion

    Smote kings as they revelled in Rome;

    And they hailed thee re-risen, O Thalassian,

    Foam-white, from the foam?


    Dragon’s blood resin, red ginger, bourbon geranium, thorny rosemary, red sandalwood, pink pepper, and green coffee bean.

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