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Carnal Perfume Oil


Bold, bright mandarin paired with the sweet, sensual earthiness of fig.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. caitlin8811

    I loved this scent! It’s absolutely mandarin forward, but when it dries the fig comes out to play and it smells just heavenly. Somewhere waaay in the background is something creamy like vanilla and it makes this scent really well rounded. My only complaint is that on me, it stayed very close to the skin and after about 4-5 hours, I couldn’t smell it at all.

  2. glitchypixels

    Light and citrus-y. The mandarin orange smell is VERY prominent in this oil. It reminds me a bit of a creamsicle when dry, honestly. I don’t smell fig at all with this one — more orange and vanilla strangely enough. But it smells very nice.

  3. jenmha

    I really wanted to love this scent, but on me it smells like fruity candy, specifically, Sprees. There is definitely citrus there, but on me it’s soften to the point that it smells less like fresh fruit than fruit-flavored artificial powder. It doesn’t gain more depth on me, at all. So I guess I would recommend this as a fun scent for someone who wants a fruity candy scent. Might be perfect for some, but not for me.

  4. April

    Color me surprised because I received this as a frimp in an order that was largely made up of warm, vanilla scents, but this is the one I wear just about every day! Wet it is a light, tangy, mandarin. It mellows just a little when dry, still maintaining that crisp citrus but also giving way for a softer, almost creamy fruitiness. It throws just right- not too close to the skin but not overpowering either, and it has good staying power. This is a keeper and I’m getting a full bottle with my next order!

  5. Gloame

    First sniff: aww, pretty orange! Like a brand new summer. Gets creamier as it dries. It sparkles, but on my skin, never reaches towards any earthiness or figgyness.

  6. kristydiez2

    This was one of the scents in my order that truly surprised and delighted me. At first it seems pretty simple with the mandarin being the dominant note but the fig has this teasing quality that tones it down and peeks out every so often. It’s haunting but also has an earthy sensuality to it.

  7. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Exactly what it says on the tin. Mandarin and fig!

    Wet: Mandarin dominant. The fig is present, but it has taken a background role. However, the fig note is becoming more prominent the longer this sits on my skin.

    Dry: The mandarin still reigns, but the fig note is stronger than it was during the wet phase, lending a bit of earthiness to this sweet, fruity scent.

    Verdict: This is nice. I don’t feel the need to grab a bottle of this one, but I think it would be great to wear during warmer months.

  8. luxdancer

    I adored this one! It was sweet and citrus-y with almost a touch of licorice? It smelled like gummy bears or fruit gums. I couldn’t catch the fig though, maybe that was the licorice-y bite?

    Obviously, if you don’t like sweet, almost candy-like scents, this won’t be for you, but I quite enjoy it!

  9. jessecake

    Another scent that I really adore. I ran out of my imp years ago but I remember it smelled like spiced pear with some mandarin. Just yummy. I really should purchase a bottle.

    If you love sweet, sugary, fruity scents – you might want to try it.

  10. Velvet Lilly

    Light, dreamy…almost creamy orange, but there is no cream note here. I think the juicy pluminess of the fig tempers the brightness of the citrus and smooths it into a gorgeous pairing that plays extremely well together, becomes something more, and very lovely. Not too fruity. Not candy sweet, but reminiscent.
    On the dry down I’m getting just a whisper of something else; Almost incense-like, but it may be the deeper fig coming forward.
    Simple. Perfectly balanced. Beautiful.

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