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Aelopile Perfume Oil


Smoldering coals heat the device from below, and steam hisses through two curved pipes, rotating the shining brass sphere.

Glowing amber and citrus, labdanum, verbena, cedar, and oud.

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Vulgar silver and gold are dead,
while those of the Philosophers are full of life.

Illustrations by the phenomenal Mlle. Julie Dillon.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Gloame

    This is really pretty? And yet it has labdanum? I love amber and ceder so this was bound to at least intrigue me, even if citrus tends to go too wild on me. This dries down to a super soft woody spice, very pleasant, but ultimately doesn’t excite me as much as other blends.

    Where I’d wear this: To commune with nature in the summer

  2. VetchVespers

    Fresh from the bottle this is very lemon verbena, but grounded by the cedar in the background. It reminds me a little of Old English Lemon Oil.

    On my skin, the lemon burns away really quickly and leaves me with a warm, cedar smell which, though pleasant, is too masculine for me to wear as a perfume. I could see this being nice on a guy though and a wonderful room scent. It’s very evocative of an old paneled library or study.

  3. Adam

    This scent is a bit sweet at first, almost gummy, slowly morphing into what I usually smell in headshops. After a bit of wear, the scent hits a constant and somewhat spicy cedar note that lingers for quite a while. There’s still a bit of sweetness (maybe the citrus?), but the wood and spice notes stand out.

    Anyone who loves wood scents, particularly cedars, should jump on this. If you’re not a fan of ambers or the headshop-type scent, either let this one wear a while or pass. I imagine this smelling better on a woman than a man, for what it’s worth.

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