Arcana Perfume Oil $4.50$19.50

Arcana Perfume Oil


The essence of magickal enigmas and long-forgotten esoteric mysteries. Frankincense, rosemary, lavender, neroli, and verbena.


Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Gloame

    The word ‘Arcana’ is so beautiful that I really NEEDED this to work for me. Unfortunately, it’s not making my heart sing. The verbena is the strongest note to my nose. I’m actually not smelling lavender at all, and the frankincense isn’t showing up much, either.

  2. Angela

    I ordered this one as an imp, because I’m a sucker for all things frankincense, and I am NOT disappointed. The lavender and rosemary do win in the bottle, but on my skin immediately the frankincense and neroli take over. It’s like church on a spring day. I may have to get a whole bottle of this one in the future.

  3. Min

    From the bottle Arcana smells quite sharp and medicinal; I think the rosemary and lavender really jump out. Applied on my skin it initially smells like a lemon lollipop, and the best way I can describe it is that you can almost feel it fizzing like sherbet, like the oil has an energy of its own. Once it settles down, it does gain a bit of depth (the frankincense kicking in possibly?) and the different layers of scent make for a very interesting and curiously dynamic scent.
    I generally really dislike citrus-y fragrances but I have a real soft spot for this; it’s fun and light and a good daytime scent.

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