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The Harlot’s House Perfume Oil


We caught the tread of dancing feet,
We loitered down the moonlit street,
And stopped beneath the harlot’s house.

Inside, above the din and fray,
We heard the loud musicians play
The “Treues Liebes Herz” of Strauss.

Like strange mechanical grotesques,
Making fantastic arabesques,
The shadows raced across the blind.

We watched the ghostly dancers spin
To sound of horn and violin,
Like black leaves wheeling in the wind.

Like wire-pulled automatons,
Slim silhouetted skeletons
Went sidling through the slow quadrille.

The took each other by the hand,
And danced a stately saraband;
Their laughter echoed thin and shrill.

Sometimes a clockwork puppet pressed
A phantom lover to her breast,
Sometimes they seemed to try to sing.

Sometimes a horrible marionette
Came out, and smoked its cigarette
Upon the steps like a live thing.

Then, turning to my love, I said,
“The dead are dancing with the dead,
The dust is whirling with the dust.”

But she–she heard the violin,
And left my side, and entered in:
Love passed into the house of lust.

Then suddenly the tune went false,
The dancers wearied of the waltz,
The shadows ceased to wheel and whirl.

And down the long and silent street,
The dawn, with silver-sandalled feet,
Crept like a frightened girl.

The dead are dancing with the dead, the dust is whirling with the dust: angel’s trumpet, violet, white sandalwood, oude, copaiba balsam, angelica, white tea, olibanum, and oakmoss.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. c-j-allison

    This is an interesting little scent! I unwrapped an order today so I assume the imp is brand new.

    The fragrance is a bit like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat or Bon Vivant on me, in the sense that they all have a sparkly, zingy impression reminiscent of fizzy drinks. What I really like about this scent is the subtle smoky/woody/oakmossy notes that are detected close to the skin. I love sandalwood blends, and the sandalwood here is beautiful and balanced with the other notes. I think of it as “sandalwood for people who don’t love sandalwood.” Similarly to the oakmoss, the florally violets can be smelled closest to the skin.

    The woody/smoky note makes this surprisingly unisex. The overall impression of the fragrance is a bit funeral homey – clean, comforting, faintly floral and warm. This is a very intimate fragrance because it stays close to the body and invites people closer for a sniff.

    It’s not my taste (I wasn’t a fan of Bon Vivant/TTLB either) but it’s pleasant enough and I’m happy that I gave it a try.

  2. Claire

    I really didn’t think I’d like this scent, mostly because when I’ve received other imps that are supposed to be more sensual I often end up finding them kinda repulsive on me. XD I was very pleasantly surprised to find that isn’t the case with this one at all. Bear in mind that the imp I received may be a few years old at this point, I’m not totally sure. Regardless, it reminds me of the Manhattan scent and I’m thinking it’s that they both share white tea as a note. I really thought this scent would also list something citrusy given how it smells to me, but it looks like that isn’t the case.

    If I had to describe the notes I’m getting, I would agree that tea is one of them, something faintly floral, and bergamot. The whole thing is very smooth and delicate. I think I like it a bit more than Manhattan, and I’d like to get a full bottle sometime if this is how it generally ages.

  3. zodiacazur

    I received this as a frimp, it’s a beautiful blend, floral with something that feels almost peppery, it evokes heaviness but also joy to me. I don’t feel that this is for me, but it does deliver on the description imo!

  4. katietribe

    I love this scent, after recieving the imp it became an immediate full bottle purchase. It lasts a long time on me, and is strongly floral with undertones of tea and some spice I can’t place. It’s mysterious without being too heavy or dark.

  5. Jae

    Intense sharp violet.

  6. lvhynds

    An immediate favorite for me – bright, warm, sweet tea and sandalwood with lush, not=powdery florals. Utterly feminine. I can’t stop sniffing myself! Definitely getting a full bottle of this.

  7. Gloame

    This is really pretty and I love it. I definitely smell the violet, and it’s behaving very well! The sandalwood and balsam are mixing into an almost-cedar, which I love. Oakmoss to keep it from going too sickly sweet with the violet, and tea to soften it. Very nice!

    Where I’d wear this: Spring holiday in Seattle

  8. Marianne

    Doesn’t smell like death at all, doesn’t really smell what you think a harlot’s house would smell like. Instead it smells like your mother’s skin, the delicious scent of women, perfume almost faded away.

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