Limited run candles hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA! Our candles are crafted using a natural coconut wax and are generously scented with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-crafted fragrances.

Please trim your wick to 1/4″ before each lighting. When burning, please allow the melted wax pool to melt to the edges of the glass before you extinguish the candle in order to prevent tunneling. We strongly recommend that you burn our candles for three hours at a time to help prevent tunneling, but please try not to burn them for longer than four at a stretch. (This is especially true the first time you light one up!) Coconut wax candles imprint: the wax has a memory of sorts, and will burn best and smell strongest if you establish a good melt pool straight off the bat.

Coconut wax candles should never remain lit for longer than four hours at a stretch, and always let them cool completely before relighting. Please make sure your wick is always trimmed to a good height (1/8” to 1/4”), and is always centered. Once the wax has burned down to about 1/2”, please discontinue use. You don’t want to scorch the furniture or risk cracking the glass!

Further info –
* 8oz candle, white wax in black glass.

* Natural, sustainable, paraben-free, non-GMO, food grade coconut wax blend. (But please don’t eat!)

Common sense precaution:
Candles utilize fire in order to work properly, and fire can be a touchy element, so please do not leave your little hot wax fireball within reach of children, pets, or irresponsible adults. The glass containing your candle will be hot during and after use, so please use caution while handling. Do not leave our candles unattended, burn them in drafty areas, or leave them near flammable materials. Do not eat the wax. Do not use the wax for sexytime. Don’t play weird double dog dare games with open flames.

Do not use the wax to make poppets of your enemies. (Or do. No judgement on this one, tbh.)

Black Phoenix is not responsible for any unforeseen funnybusiness; use the candles responsibly and wisely, please!

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