In Memoriam

Scents that have been discontinued…

    There was a store about a mile away from the house I grew up in that fascinated me throughout my whole childhood. The façade was painted in insane colors, and it was covered with weird, leering cartoonish illustrations. We drove by it almost every week, and I’d keep asking my parents what was inside – there was nothing on the storefront that indicated what the store was about – and they’d blow me off while making it implicitly clear that I was to never, ever enter that building.

    When I was 12, I asked my parents to take me to the library so I could study. I waited about fifteen minutes to make sure that my dad had driven off, and then I walked over to the fascinating, forbidden mystery store.

    The store was covered, wall-to-wall, in posters that glowed in garish fluorescent colors. Tie-dyed t-shirts, blankets, and flags were everywhere, and the cases were filled with what looked to me like endless rows of genie bottles. Peace signs were everywhere, and tons of merchandise was emblazoned with a plant I didn’t recognize.

    Before they shooed me out – very kindly – this was the scent that imprinted on me: nag champa, patchouli, and weed smoke.

    – – –

    Please do not smoke, eat, or huff this oil. Do not rub it on your gums, do not put it on your privates, do not vape it. It is a perfume and meant to be used as such. No funnybusiness!

    (This perfume contains no actual weed. Zero cannabis. None. Zilch. What do I look like? A dispensary?)

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  • Delirium

    Non compos mentis, indeed! A contrary, conflicted scent, bubbling with merry madness. Contains apple, rose, and lemon.

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  • Fire for Thy Stepmother’s Daughters

    Vasilissa ran to the yard, and behind her she heard the old witch shouting to the locks and the gate. The locks opened, the gate swung wide, and she ran out on to the lawn. The Baba Yaga seized from the wall one of the skulls with burning eyes and flung it after her. “There,” she howled, “is the fire for thy stepmother’s daughters. Take it. That is what they sent thee here for, and may they have joy of it!”

    Flaming coals, hellfire, and blackened bone.

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  • Moons of Saturn: Telesto

    One of the Oceanids, the Three-Thousand Daughters of Tethys and Oceanus. Draped in a sun-bright peplos of flowing champaca, Bengal oudh, golden vanilla, neroli, and amber cream, she personifies divine blessings.
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  • Ochosi

    The Archer, Lord of the Bow and Arrow. To know Ochosi is to know the movement of the arrow into prey and the whistle of the arrow in flight. He is the transference of energy over a distance, and His is the speed of light, sound and thought, though he is not merely though, he is the stroke of instant understanding or realization. Ochosi is the Hunter-Wizard, skilled in the use of magickal potions and poisons, silent, dangerous and possessed of a cool, calm, sharp intelligence. He is the calculated extension of the mind, the Tracker, the Ranger, and he governs the changing of the seasons, stealth, guerilla warfare, and He alone acts as a buffer and shield between reason and insanity. He is the protector of children, the weak, the helpless, and the aged. His ofrenda is the soft shea he shares with Obatala, forest herbs, and sprucewood arrow shafts.

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  • Rakshasa

    This haunting, exotic scent is named in honor of the shapeshifting demons from Hindu mythology. Sandalwood with rose and patchouli.

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In Memoriam - Collaborations - The District

The District

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense
Shame to Him Who Evil Thinks

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.
Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for any District scents.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post are proud to present a scent series representing the people, places, and culture of New Orleans’ Storyville, featuring artwork by the inimitable Molly Crabapple. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is pandering the perfumes, and Black Phoenix Trading Post is offering District-themed atmosphere sprays and a gorgeous District tee illustrated by Molly!

Lavish bordellos and shady cribs, dazzling jazz, and swinging saloons: bounded by Basin, Iberville, Robertson, and St Louis, Storyville, known to locals as the District, was New Orleans’ legal red light district from 1897 to 1917.

This is a charitable, not-for-profit venture. Proceeds from every bottle go to Habitat for Humanity: New Orleans. Habitat for Humanity builds houses in partnership with sponsors, volunteers, communities, and homeowner families, whereby families are empowered to transform their own lives, and aids in eliminating poverty housing in the New Orleans area while serving as a catalyst to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Molly Crabapple is an award winning illustrator, and the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. Molly has drawn for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Marvel Comics, the Bloomberg Corporation, the Coagula Art Journal, and Playgirl, and she has illustrated eight books including Scarlett Takes Manhattan. She has also turned her talents to 30-foot theatrical backdrops, children’s books, parade installations, burlesque posters, critically acclaimed webcomics, pornographic comic books, art writing, and gallery shows around the world. More about the lovely Miss Molly can be found through a feature on her in the Art & Design section of the New York Times.

Thank you, Molly, for inspiring this series!

  • Countess Willie

    Sophisticated, dramatic, well-traveled, glamorous, and worldly, Countess Willie V. Piazza, owner of the French Studio, was a trendsetter in style and fashion. Countess Willie was an educated woman, a patron of the arts, and possessed an impressive library of rare volumes. She featured many historic jazz musicians in her House, including Tony Jackson and Jelly Roll Morton. Unlike many of her counterparts, she was known for having a kind heart and a generous, loving nature. She was fiercely protective: when a patron of her establishment, the nephew of a prominent New Orleans cleric, committed a heinous act of sadism against one of her ladies, Countess Willie shot him dead.

    Chocolate plum musk, red musk, amaretto, candied fruits, and red ginger.

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  • Crib Girls

    Situated on of the lowest rungs in the Red Light District’s hierarchy, the crib girls solicited from their windows and doorways, entertaining their clients in sparsely furnished, dingy two-room apartments.

    Seven honeys under one unkempt roof, with fiery-tart cubeb and dusty cardamom.

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  • Emma

    Better known as the “Parisian Queen of America,” needs little introduction in this country.

    Emma’s “House of all Nations,” as it is commonly called, is one place of amusement you can’t very well afford to miss while in the Tenderloin District. Everything goes here. Fun is the watchword.

    Business has been on such an increase at the above place of late that Mdme. Johnson had to occupy an “Annex.” Emma has never less than twenty pretty women of all nations, who are clever entertainers.

    Remember the name,

    Emma Johnson
    331 and 333 Basin Street

    Vanilla bourbon, tea rose, jasmine, pink pepper, and patchouli.

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  • Hilma

    The amiable, ebullient proprietor of the Mirror Ballroom, where Jelly Roll Morton got his first gig.

    Miss Burt, while very young, is of a type that pleases most men of today – the witty, pretty, and natty – a lady of fashion.

    Her managerial possibilities are phenomenal, to say the least, and her success here has proven itself beyond a doubt.

    Miss Burt has been with us but a short while but has won all hearts. Her palace is second to none. It is good for one who loves the beautiful to visit Miss Burt’s handsome palace. There are no words for the ladies – one can only realize the grandeur of feminine beauty and artistic settings after an hour or so in the palace of Hilma Burt.

    Miss Burt, aside from having two handsome homes here, has one in St. Louis and one in Kansas City, Mo., where, it is said, she is as popular as in New Orleans.

    Don’t forget to converse with her, as she is very clever, jolly, and cultured.

    205 N. Basin

    Honeysuckle, Bulgarian rose, night blooming jasmine, sweet clove, cedarwood, black tea, and nectarine.

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  • Josie

    The brooding, raucous, and hot-blooded proprietress of the Château Lobrano d’Arlington, the gaudiest bordello in the District. Miss Josie had a true talent for hype, and promoted her ladies in an effusively romanticized, over-the-top fashion. La Belle Stewart, who was in actuality a circus hoochie koochie girl from Chicago, was billed as “a bona-fide baroness, direct from the court of St. Petersburg.”

    Heady magnolia and honeyed peaches.

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  • Lulu

    The Diamond Queen. An expert showman and entrepreneur, the eccentric Miss Lulu was the Mistress of Mahogany Hall until 1917. She invested heavily, but not always successfully, and at the end of her career as a madam, wanted to fund production houses for the budding movie industry in California.

    The 1934 Mae West film, “the Belle of the Nineties”, was loosely based on Lulu’s exploits.

    Tobacco flower, white gardenia, bergamot, and bourbon geranium.

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In Memoriam - Laissez les bons temps rouler

  • King Cake

    A sweet brioche cake with a hint of almond, glazed with cream cheese frosting and gleaming with purple, green, and gold sugar.

    Some bottles will be shipped – randomly – with a tiny king cake trinket.

    Illustration: Krewe of Comus, 1869.

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In Memoriam - Lunar New Year

  • Earth Dog

    A new year's blessing! Peony, China's national flower, with bamboo for flexibility, plum blossom for perseverance, courage, and hope, tangerine for wealth, red sandalwood and blue lotus for purity, orange for happiness, lychee for household peace, pine resin for constancy, golden kumquat for prosperity, red mandarin for good fortune, peach blossom for longevity, a touch of patchouli to bring it all down to earth, with a splash of blazing red of dragon's blood… to help you scare away the rampaging Nian.

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In Memoriam - A Little Lunacy

  • Moons of Saturn: Anthe

    One of the Alkyonides, the seven daughters of Alcyoneus.

    Blueberry and tangerine for the bright plumage of the kingfisher, limned with frozen flower petals.

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  • Moons of Saturn: Erriapus

    A Gaulish giant, believed to be the Gaul’s parallel to the god Mercury. Wild sage and hyssop, marigold and frankincense, lemon verbena and tobacco.

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  • Moons of Saturn: Kari

    First began to fly
    Fornjót’s sons ill-shapen.

    One of Fornjót’s sons, Lord of the Winds, whose descendants came to rule Finnlandi and Kænlandi. White pear, dandelion sap, and champaca blossom, chilled by a gust of white musk.

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  • Moons of Saturn: Mimas

    Son of Gaia, slain by Hephastus with red-hot iron, incinerated by Zeus’ lightning bolts. Not a lucky fellow at all.

    A thunderclap of ozone and red peppercorn slicing through sweet vetiver, black patchouli, and opoponax.

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In Memoriam - General Catalogue

  • Alecto

    Unceasing In Anger

    Olive leaf, raspberry leaf, vetiver and cedarwood.

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  • Bluebeard

    A scent swirling with dark rage, unbridled jealousy, and murderous intent. Violet, lavender, white musk and vetiver.

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  • Catherine

    Named for the ambitious, vengeful poisoner Catherine deMedici, who used perfumes to perform her dark deeds. A sinful blend of orange blossom, rosemary and rose… allegedly the exact perfume she utilized in her work.

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  • Cathode

    A negatively charged scent. Ambergris, Spanish Moss, oakmoss and three electric mints.

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  • Chimera

    The fiery, volatile scent of cinnamon, thickened by myrrh, honeysuckle, and copal.

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  • Cordelia

    The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk.

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  • Delphi

    The smoke of Sacred Incense of Apollo twined through laurel branches, bay, and honey wine.

    Out of Stock
  • Devil’s Claw

    A yellow-bright and smoky brown-black scent, horned, pronged and strange.

    Out of Stock
  • Dian’s Bud

    Be as thou wast wont to be;
    See as thou wast wont to see:
    Dian’s bud o’er Cupid’s flower
    Hath such force and blessed power.

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  • Dove’s Heart

    A gentle, healing love blend, often used to help mend a broken heart. Brings peace of mind, soothes the sting of loss, and aids in finding closure.

    Out of Stock
  • Dragon’s Eye

    A piercing, radiant perfume: dragon's blood resin, lily of the valley, lilac and galbanum.

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  • Dragon’s Tears

    Bittersweet yet powerful: salty aquatic notes and bursting with dragon’s blood.

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  • Ehecatl

    The Aztec God of the Winds. He is one of the faces of the Feathered Serpent, and in this aspect he gave life to the sun and the moon, revives the dead, and breathes love into the hearts all of men.

    Hibiscus, matcha, white musk, and lime.

    Out of Stock
  • Ekhidna

    This was the divine and haughty Ekhidna, and half of her is a Nymphe with a fair face and eyes glancing, but the other half is a monstrous ophis, terrible, enormous and squirming and voracious, there in earth’s secret places. For there she has her cave on the underside of a hollow rock, far from the immortal gods, and far from all mortals.

    There the gods ordained her a fabulous home to live in which she keeps underground among the Arimoi, grisly Ekhidna, a Nymphe who never dies, and all her days she is ageless.

    Mother of Monsters, the Eel of Tartarus, Queen of the Dark Forest, Serpent Womb. Consort to Typhon, the Rotting Lamprey was born from the residual scum left behind after from the Great Deluge.

    All the corruptions of the earth: mandrake, dark myrrh, seaweed, swampy moss, black pepper, pimento, opoponax, tobacco absolute, and tarry clove.

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  • Epitaph

    Heap not on this mound
    Roses that she loved so well:
    Why bewilder her with roses,
    That she cannot see or smell?

    She is happy where she lies
    With the dust upon her eyes.

    Roses and funeral lilies perceived, faintly, through an indistinct, ghostly mist.

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  • Eros

    And eros again the loosener of limbs makes me tremble
    A sweet-bitter unmanageable creature.

    Myrrh, lilac, and honey wine with crimson tea leaf and sweet resins.

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  • Eternal

    Though they go mad they shall be sane, 
    Though they sink through the sea
    they shall rise again; 
    Though lovers be lost love shall not; 
    And death shall have no dominion.

    Stephanotis, cyclamen, heliotrope, white rose and gardenia.

    Out of Stock
  • Euphrosyne


    Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine.

    Out of Stock
  • Eve

    The spirit of temptation, the essence of lost innocence.

    Apple blossom, rose, ylang ylang and golden honey.

    Out of Stock
  • Fire Of Love

    A catalytic, potent love oil used to spark (or rekindle) the flame of desire between lovers.

    Out of Stock
  • Forbidden Fruit

    As light and innocent as your first time should have been. The fresh scent of lotus hidden behind lightly scented flowers, amber, and citrus.

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  • French Love

    A warm, soft, sexual blend. Sweet and alluring. Used to entice new lovers and add an aura of temptation and carnal sin to your environment.

    Out of Stock
  • Godfather Death

    He went onwards, and then came Death striding up to him with withered legs, and said, “Take me as godfather.” The man asked, “Who art thou?” “I am Death, and I make all equal.” Then said the man, “Thou art the right one, thou takest the rich as well as the poor, without distinction; thou shalt be godfather.” Death answered, “I will make thy child rich and famous, for he who has me for a friend can lack nothing.” The man said, “Next Sunday is the christening; be there at the right time.” Death appeared as he had promised, and stood godfather quite in the usual way.

    Olibanum, elemi, Bulgarian rose, yew, and oppoponax.

    Out of Stock
  • Grandmother of Ghosts

    Mania, Roman Goddess of the Dead, Matron of Madness, Governess of the Ancestral Spirits, Bestower of Divine Frenzy. Her scent swirls with a high-pitched tumult of laurel, stargazer lily, splintered woods, peony, mandarin and white musk, and is spiked with pale pepper.

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  • Hairy Toad Lily

    Spotty, hairy, purple, sweet!

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  • Havana

    Date palm, dried tobacco, snakeroot, and leather.

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  • Hedylogos

    Child of Aphrodite and Ares, Hedylogos is the God of Sweet Talk and Flattery. His gilded words are perfumed with honeyed rose and the quicksilver scent of mastic and olibanum.

    Out of Stock
  • Hemlock

    This infamous herb has a long, complex history: it has been used in spells of death and destruction, was a principal component in traditional witches’ flying ointments, and was the poison used to put the philosopher Socrates to death. We have created a dark, profound herbal blend to personify and honor this wicked little plant.

    Out of Stock
  • Himerus

    The God of Sexual Desire, Longing and Yearning; an attendant of Eros and Aphrodite. A passion-rousing blend of juniper, sandalwood, rosewood, red musk, orchid, bergamot and lilac.

    Out of Stock
  • House of Night

    And by that light around the dome appear’d
    A mournful garden of autumnal hue,
    Its lately pleasing flowers all drooping stood
    Amidst high weeds that rank in plenty grew.

    The Primrose there, the violet darkly blue,
    Daisies and fair Narcissus ceas’d to rise,
    Gay spotted pinks their charming bloom withdrew.
    And Polyanthus quench’d its thousand dyes.

    No pleasant fruit or blossoms gaily smil’d,
    Nought but unhappy plants or trees were seen,
    The yew, the myrtle, and the church-yard elm,
    The cypress, with its melancholy green.

    There cedars dark, the osier, and the pine,
    Shorn tamarisks, and weeping willows grew,
    The poplar tall, the lotos, and the lime,
    And Pyracantha did her leaves renew.

    The poppy there, companion to repose,
    Display’d her blossoms that began to fall,
    And here the purple amaranthus rose
    With mint strong-scented, for the funeral.

    And here and there with laurel shrubs between
    A tombstone lay, inscrib’d with stains of woe,
    And stanzas sad, throughout the dismal green,
    Lamented for the dead that slept below.

    A sorrowful graveyard bouquet of somber blooms, funereal boughs, dismal green and laden with grief.

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  • Hurricane

    The Dark Side of Air: a high pitched, tangy, clear scent — light China rain deepened by murky vetivert.

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  • Hymn

    A paean to true holiness, spiritual purity, and sacred enlightenment. Based on an incense blend sacred to the Virgin Mary: perfect rose absolute and Palestinian Lily of the Valley with olibanum, labdanum, frankincense and myrrh.

    Out of Stock
  • Iambe

    Daughter of Pan and Echo and dear friend to Demeter. When Demeter was mourning the abduction of her daughter, Iambe was the only creature in heaven and earth that was able to lend cheer and laughter to the grieving mother. Her scent is one of comfort, beauty and joy: Sudanese amber, patchouli, rose, gardenia, gladiola and white tea.

    Out of Stock
  • Jezirat al Tennyn

    The Dragon’s Isle: smoke and fire, earth and wind. The rage of the elements blasting over a primordial paradise.

    Out of Stock
  • Kuang Shi

    Bust out the dzang dzi! This scent honors the zombies of Chinese lore.

    Mandarin orange, white musk, mango, and white sandalwood.

    Out of Stock
  • Kurukulla

    The Tibetan goddess of love and wealth. Her scent is a harmonious, sweet, enchanting blend of three lotus blooms and three roses.

    Out of Stock
  • L’Ecole Des Filles

    We sang till almost night, and drank my good store of wine; and then they parted and I to my chamber, where I did read through L’Ecole des Filles; a lewd book, but what doth me no wrong to read for imagination’s sake, and after I had done it, I burned it, that it might not be among my books to my shame.

    Published around 1655, this is considered to be the origin of modern pornography in France. It is a discourse between two young ladies, the elder instructing the younger in the ways of passion.

    This is a libertine’s celebration of decadence, debauchery, and sexual freedom: orange blossom, ambergris, orris root, white rose, lemon balm, jonquil, carrot seed, and benzoin.

    Out of Stock
  • L’examin de Minuit

    Enfin, nous avons, pour noyer
    Le vertige clans le délire,
    Nous, prêtre orgueilleux de la Lyre,
    Dont la gloire est de déployer
    L’ivresse des choses funèbres,
    Bu sans soif et mangé sans faim!…
    – Vite soufflons la lampe, afin
    De nous cacher dans les ténèbres!

    – – –

    Finally, drowning vertigo
    In stark delirium, shamefully,
    We, levites of the Lyre, lo! we
    Whose glory was devised to show
    Sorrow’s brave rapture and grief’s spark,
    Have feasted without appetite!
    – Quickly, let us snuff out the light
    And hide in the indulgent dark!

    The rapture of sorrowful things: frankincense, black plum, melancholy lilac, rose otto, and myrrh.

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  • Laudanum

    The essence of the most debauched hunger encapsulated into a perfume. Desire beyond love, anguish beyond sanity. Nutmeg, sassafras, black poppy and myrrh.

    Out of Stock
  • Les Infortunes de la Vertu

    A pain-tinged, pleasure-soaked blend of leather, oakmoss, orange blossom, amber, and rose with a breath of virginal French florals and a hint of austere monastic penitential incense.

    Out of Stock
  • Libertine

    Like a puffed and reckless libertine,
    Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads. 

    Rosewood and chamomile with bergamot, violet, red sandalwood, primrose and Arabian musk.

    Out of Stock
  • Lilith

    Mother of Demons, Vengeful Fury, Darkest Seductress, Queen of the Djinn, Goddess of the Gate. Red wine, myrrh, black musk, and attar of rose.

    Out of Stock
  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.

    As a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

    As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, his fruit was sweet to my taste.

    He brought me to the banquet hall. His banner over me is love.

    Strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples; For I am faint with love.

    His left hand is under my head. His right hand embraces me.

    I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, or by the hinds of the field, that you not stir up, nor awaken love, until it so desires.

    The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes, leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills.

    My beloved is like a roe or a young hart. Behold, he stands behind our wall! He looks in at the windows. He glances through the lattice.

    My beloved spoke, and said to me, “Rise up, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.

    For, behold, the winter is past. The rain is over and gone.

    The flowers appear on the earth. The time of the singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

    The fig tree ripens her green figs. The vines are in blossom. They give forth their fragrance. Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.”

    My dove in the clefts of the rock, In the hiding places of the mountainside, Let me see your face. Let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely.

    Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards; for our vineyards are in blossom.

    My beloved is mine, and I am his. He browses among the lilies.

    Until the day is cool, and the shadows flee away, turn, my beloved, and be like a roe or a young hart on the mountains of Bether.

    Hibiscus syriacus, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, apple blossom, and green fig.

    Out of Stock
  • Lolita

    Bright, sweet and youthful, but swelling with a poisonous sexuality. Glittering heliotrope, honeysuckle, orange blossom and lemon verbena.

    Out of Stock
  • Lorelei

    A tragic heroine from German lore. In despair over a faithless lover, she threw herself into the Rhine. In death, she has become a siren that haunts that river to this day, luring sailors to their doom. Neroli, sandalwood, ylang ylang.

    Out of Stock
  • Love-In-Idleness

    Yet mark’d I where the bolt of Cupid fell:
    It fell upon a little western flower,
    Before, milk-white, now purple with love’s wound,
    And maidens call it love-in-idleness.

    Out of Stock
  • Love-Lies-Bleeding

    The velvet flower. A lush, thick, luxuriant bloom, bold and red.

    Out of Stock
  • Love’s Torments

    Love’s torments sought a place of rest,
    Where all might drear and lonely be;
    They found ere long my desert breast,
    And nestled in its vacancy.

    White sandalwood, neroli, and vetiver.

    Out of Stock
  • Mandrake

    Also called Djinn’s Eggs and the Weed of Ill Omen. Distinctive bifurcations shape this magickal plant into the form of human men and women. It is believed that mandrake grows where the semen of a hanged man has fallen onto the earth, and that when it is plucked from the earth, the plant itself shrieks in agony:

    Alack, alack, is it not like that I,
    So early waking, what with loathsome smells,
    And shrieks like mandrakes torn out of the earth
    That living mortals, hearing them, run mad.

    A plant of true arcane power, mandrake has been used in a multitude of ways by witches, magicians and thaumaturgists for eons to many, many vastly different ends. Whole pieces are carried for protection, or are used in poppet magick. Ground herb can be utilized in spells for money, lust or defense.

    The lore of the mandrake does not limit it to magickal use. The root was chewed as a simple anasthesia, and it has been widely employed as a sleep drug:

    CLEOPATRA: Ha, ha!
    Give me to drink mandragora.

    CHARIMAN: Why, madam?

    CLEOPATRA: That I might sleep out this great gap of time
    My Antony is away.

    Out of Stock
  • Mania

    The personification of insanity, Mother of Manes, Goddess of Night Spirits, Mistress of Undeath, She Who Gives Life to the Dead. With Mantus, she rules the Etruscan underworld, and her scent is roiling chaos and churning madness, but because she is the mother of the Lares, benevolent household spirits, her perfume also bears an underlying gentleness, and, like madness, a strange sweetness. Screeching white musk collides with a howl of red musk, with sharp white grapefruit and pale strawberry leaf.

    Out of Stock
  • Manila

    A tropical, humid, lush scent, with a faint echo of Pacific breezes, jungle blossoms, and deep wet woods. Sampaguita blossoms, banana leaf, palm, and narra.

    Out of Stock
  • Marquise de Merteuil

    Stately, bold, aristocratic and cruel. Opulent galbanum and amber, glistening peach, and a bouquet of French florals, with a merciless undertone of jonquil and heartless vetiver.

    Out of Stock
  • Megaera

    The Unwilling, The Jealous One

    Orris, black amber, bergamot, plum and grapefruit.

    [reformulated 5/1/2005]

    Out of Stock
  • Nanshe

    The Babylonian Goddess of Dreams, who bestows the power of Oneiromancy onto her priests. This blend opens up psychic sensitivity during sleep and aids in the understanding and correct interpretation of portents and symbols.

    Out of Stock
  • Nefertiti

    “The Beautiful One Is Come”. Egyptian iris and olibanum with red and white sandalwood, soft myrrh and a breath of North African herbs.

    Out of Stock
  • Nostrum Remedium

    “A Universal Panacea”
    Revitalizes the spirit and balances the humors.
    Prolongs life indefinitely.

    Black tea leaf, invigorating wasabi extract, sweetened by honey. Much despair and suffering can be prevented by the discreet use of Doc Constantine’s remedies.

    Out of Stock
  • Ogun

    Ogun is the Master of Iron, Lord of the Knife, the Toolmaker, the Supreme Hunter, the God of War. He is primal instinct, energy and motion, strife and resolution, effort and perspiration, locomotion, force, contraction and expansion. He is the lord of all mines and mineral wealth, and his energy is expressed in the transformation of sandstone into marble and carbon into diamonds. His control over transformation transcends this into the metaphorical: Ogun helps to shape the spirit, and hone it into something finer, and He compels us to look deep inside ourselves, searching for our true potential. He is physical might, ruler of the heart, giver of courage and sustainer of war, and is the bond that men fashion with one another during battle. He is gunpowder. Ogun is responsible for teaching mankind to fashion tools and weapons from iron, and his primary implements are the anvil, hammer, machete, rake, hoe, shovel, pick and pry. His favored animal is the dog, who shares his loyalty and unflagging strength.

    Ogun’s ofrenda is heavy and dark cigar tobacco, gin and juniper, melon, chili pepper and a touch of honey.

    Out of Stock
  • Olokun

    The Lord of All Waters, Master of Wealth, Keeper of the Secrets in the Depths of the Ocean, Lord of the Lightless Deep, God of the Unknown. This secretive and enigmatic Orisha is symbolized by the Seven Seas, and the vast riches and unplumbed mysteries of the ocean are His. Though His reach extends over three-quarters of earth’s surface, He concedes the right to rule to Obatala out of respect for the age, wisdom and discretion of the venerable King of the White Cloth. Olokun is the depth of the ocean at which the sun’s light fails to penetrate. He is perpetual darkness, incomprehensible pressure, and his abode is the birthplace of mythical monsters. The ocean floor is also a Land of the Dead: in its darkness, all will fall to rest, and in this darkness is the Home of the Spirits, souls that, in the cold and dark, rest awaiting reincarnation. Olokun represents all things that remain unknown to man, and all questions may be answered in the halls of His Kingdom. In this, he holds sway over the power of divination. Though decaying matter settles in His home, the Kingdom itself does not decay or erode. He is represented by the mudfish and his favor is shown through red coral and shark spines.

    His ofrenda is the scent of the lightless deep: the glorious, unknowable gloom of the ocean floor.

    Out of Stock
  • Oneiroi

    Created to invoke the ancient Greek deities of dreams. On the shores of the ocean, somewhere in the West, they dwell behind their gates of horn and ivory. Soporific, dark, and unfathomable.

    Out of Stock
  • Opium Poppy

    Opium teaches only one thing, which is that aside from physical suffering, there is nothing real. A bitter, soft, fragile flower.

    Out of Stock
  • Osun

    The Goddess of the Hand Mirror, Maiden of Love. Osun is the Goddess of beauty, love, enchantment, elegance, and pleasure. Her charm and incomparable lovliness is such that it can be felt, sensed, and not merely seen. Osun holds the secrets of our deepest and most complex feelings. She is intuition, pure and idealized love, the tingling sensation of pleasurable anticipation, the sensual movement of seduction and sexuality, and quick breath before climax. Osun is the pleasure of the senses, refinement, and the patroness of artistic endeavors that bring delight to the world. She compels us to express our deepest, truest feelings, and is the mother of our tears of happiness, tears of bitter grief, and the swelling of our hearts with love, hate, lust and fierce joy. She is the harlot and the virgin, who bestows unbridled carnal pleasure and also shows the path to purity of the spirit and virtuous intentions. She represents tenacity, the will to live and the drive to acquire, and the desire for achievement and fine possessions. She is the sublimely sweet and the revolting sour that we taste in life. She is charm used to every conceivable end, and is credited with bringing currency and the concept of money into the world, and is therefore the Patroness of Prostitutes and Courtesans. She is a great Witch, and has a multitude of brews, charms, and potions and always has a trick up her billowing, beautiful yellow sleeves. She is the youngest of the Orishas, and is a symbol of the most recent of nature’s evolutions: civilization. She teaches us to take care of ourselves, to pamper ourselves, and to find and express the beauty in ourselves, in others, and in our world. She is the sweet water of the stream, sustaining life. She is the Goddess of fine art, debate, sanitation, grooming, oratory arts, and temples and theatres. She is the act of landing the settlement that becomes a nation. She shows us that time must be made for leisure, amusement and contemplation, for a life of unending toil is an affront to her gifts, and diminishes the quality of life itself, and cripples our ability to conceive new, innovative ideas and create compelling works of art. All work and no play is not an option. It is Osun that provides us with the security, safety, comfort and prosperity that we require in order to make time for leisurely pursuits. Osun is the mirror that mankind holds up to itself, and she is the principle upon which all art is born. Osun’s symbols are hand mirrors, brass fans, brass needles, brass bells, sunflowers, and her creatures are the cricket and the peacock.

    Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire.

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  • Oya

    Lady of the Wind, Goddess of the Nine Skirts, the Lady of War, the Bearded Amazon, the Thundermaiden. Beautiful, tempestuous, elegant and graceful, She is the fury of the hurricane, the breath in our lungs, the air that cools us, the breeze that chills us, the winds that blow seeds that fertilize the land, the winds that pass disease throughout villages and townships, the moan of the wind within the cemetery, and the fury of the tempest that tears the landscape asunder. Oya is the sweeping wind of change and upheaval, She is revolution and progress, and She forces the destruction of old ideals while sweeping away our useless baggage; the broom is a symbol of Her force for change. As the Mistress that commands hurricanes, cyclones, and tornados, she tears down that which is old and decaying, compelling Her children to begin building anew. In Her hands She holds a mask, as Her presence is most often felt and not seen, and none have seen Oya’s true face. She is the moment at which the seasons change, the transition from life to death, and as the Lady of the Cemetery, it is to Her that we commit our final breath. Her closest friend is Iku, the Orisha of Death, and it is their responsibility to see to it that the natural order remains undisturbed. Once a man’s final breath is expelled, Oya takes it to Iku, who brings the spirit to the cemetery gates and then to its next passage. One of her symbols is the bed, as nightly we imitate death in sleep. Because of her close relationship with Death, the Goddess is very close to the Egungun, the spirits of our ancestors. Oya is the Goddess of the Marketplace in which fortunes and goods spin in a never-ending whirlwind of exchange, change, and flux. She is the wind that precedes the thunderstorm, and it is in this that She is seen as Shango’s companion and partner in battle, and without Oya, there is little that Shango can accomplish. She fans the fires of Shango’s blazes, and is the forked lightning that touches the treetops. Proud and willful, Oya is also a Goddess of War. Her wrath is so terrible and so devastating that none may behold her rage and survive. Oya has nine children and nine colors, and her symbols are weathervanes, windmills, kites, balloons, propeller planes, wind instruments, pinwheels, two naked swords, and buffalo horns.

    Oya’s ofrenda is a Nigerian potion of love and war, sweetened by darkest plum. Oya winiwini!

    Out of Stock
  • Pain

    Wicked and vicious! A sharp, cruel blend of lavender and pennyroyal.

    Out of Stock
  • Paramatman

    Like two birds of golden plumage, inseparable companions, the individual self and the immortal Self are perched on the branches of the selfsame tree. The former tastes of the sweet and bitter fruits of the tree; the latter, tasting of neither, calmly observes.

    Orange blossom, East Indian sandalwood, and champaca.

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  • Peitho

    The Goddess of Persuasion, Seduction and Sexual Wiles. A member of Aphrodite’s retinue, she is also Aphrodite’s daughter and sister to Tyche and Eunomia. Lusty myrtle and jasmine with red sandalwood, stargazer lily, and clove over an opulent, rich bed of warm musk and bourbon vanilla.

    Out of Stock
  • Phantom

    All look and likeness caught from earth,
    All accident of kin and birth,
    Had pass’d away. There was no trace
    Of aught on that illuminated face,
    Upraised beneath the rifted stone
    But of one spirit all her own;–
    She, she herself, and only she,
    Shone through her body visibly.

    Myrrh, dark musk, attar of rose and ylang ylang.

    Out of Stock
  • Phobos

    Twin to Deimos and child of War, Phobos is the embodiment of terror and mortal fear.

    Chilling white musk, lemon verbena, white grapefruit and lemongrass.

    Out of Stock
  • Phoenix Steamworks

    Glowing liquid passes through the fogged retorts of ancient alembics, sparks fly from behind a massive workbench, and a cloud of thick incense smoke hangs low, all casting strange and surreal flashes of light and shadow on tall bolted-steel walls. The chug and hum of gargantuan machines echo through the chamber.

    Burnished gold and oiled bronze notes with Abramelin incense and sage.

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  • Pontarlier

    The legendary birthplace of the Green Fairy.

    Swiss ferns, lilac, blackcurrant, Gallic rose and lavender with a dollop of sugar and absinthe.

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  • Pool of Tears

    ‘I wish I hadn’t cried so much!’ said Alice, as she swam about, trying to find her way out. ‘I shall be punished for it now, I suppose, by being drowned in my own tears! That will be a queer thing, to be sure! However, everything is queer to-day.’ 

    A sea of salty tears drowning out Alice’s light floral perfume.

    Out of Stock
  • Prurience

    An unwholesome scent. A craving, an itch. This scent smoulders with a lust that singes the edge of your nerves and leaves your soul chilled: red amber and scorched musk with voluptuous carnation, charred vetiver, sensuous tonka, and orris.

    Out of Stock
  • Queen of Sheba

    A woman of exquisite, unearthly beauty, profound intelligence, wit, and exceeding wealth, the Queen of Sheba – called Bilquis by the Muslims and Makeda by the ancient Abyssinians – traveled by caravan to Solomon's realm seeking proof of the king's reputed wisdom. Bearing gifts of exotic spices, a veritable mountain of gold, hearty camels and precious stones, she presented herself to the king and, bearing her heart to him, asked him a series of challenging questions, and was ultimately convinced of the truth of his wisdom, knowledge and judiciousness. In the end, the great king and queen conquered each other's hearts and fell breathlessly in love: the perfect marriage of equals.

    Her scent is a bounty of golden honeyed almonds and a whisper of African and Middle Eastern spices.

    Out of Stock
  • Rapunzel

    Rapunzel was the most beautiful child under the sun. When she was twelve years old the Witch shut her up in a tower, in the middle of a great wood, and the tower had neither stairs nor doors, only high up at the very top a small window. When the old Witch wanted to get in she stood underneath and called out:

    `Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
    Let down your golden hair,’

    for Rapunzel had wonderful long hair, and it was as fine as spun gold. Whenever she heard the Witch’s voice she unloosed her plaits, and let her hair fall down out of the window about twenty yards below, and the old Witch climbed up by it.

    Angel’s trumpet, bois de rose, orris, and wild lettuce.

    Out of Stock
  • Red Devil

    A sinfully playful lust blend. Inspires sexual spontaneity, a little bit of kinkiness, and new and inventive ways to get dirty.

    Out of Stock
  • Roadhouse

    Truck stop sleaze. Weedy dandelion and hops with a whiff of tobacco and hemp and a swirl of booziness.

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  • Rome

    Refined, austere and graceful. A recipe gleaned from Classical Rome: cypress, juniper, chamomile and rose.

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  • Rumpelstilzchen

    I have not been able to find a single new name; but as I came over a high mountain by a wood, where the fox and the hare bid each other good-night, I saw a little house, and before the house was burning a little fire, and round the fire danced a very funny little man, who hopped upon one leg, and cried out: –

    ‘To-day I brew, to-morrow I bake,
    Next day the queen’s child I shall take;
    How glad I am that nobody knows;
    My name is Rumpelstilzchen!”

    Firewood and ash with an oddly otherworldly blend of patchouli, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, tonka, vetiver, and myrrh.

    Out of Stock
  • Sacred Whore of Babylon

    And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. An ancient formula that inspires unrepentant decadence, lechery and debauch

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  • Santa Eularia Des Riu

    Piquant citrus tempered by jasmine, soft Mediterranean herbs, lavender and orange blossom.

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  • Santa Muerte

    Santa Muerte, Saint Death, is not a harbinger of doom and symbol of entropy. She is the Queen of Mercy, a source of motherly comfort, and a symbol to all sweethearts that love lasts even beyond death. She is a vision of beauty in her own right: glittering rings adorn every bony finger, she is draped in a cloak of the finest satin, and her grinning skull, beneath her cowl, is crowned by a bejeweled tiara. A deep, resonant scent, both comforting and soft: lovers’ roses, solemn chrysanthemum, dark vetiver and dazzling cactus flowers.

    Out of Stock
  • Saturnalia

    Unrestrained revelry, unchained licentiousness! Violet deepened with vetiver.

    Out of Stock
  • Scarecrow

    An agricultural gargoyle. Though he is the Guardian of the Crops and Keeper of the Fields, his visage is still the stuff of nightmares. The scent of a hot wind blowing through desolate, scorched, barren fields.

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  • Serpent’s Kiss

    Seething with passion, yet utterly cold-blooded. Dragon’s blood, vetiver and spice.

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  • Sheol

    The Hebrew Underworld, the Abode of the Dead, the Pit. It is as forbidding as the grave itself: a joyless and dolorous cave deep with the bowels of Earth that every man, saint or sinner, must travel to upon death, where his soul finds rest in the silence and dust.

    For the living know that they will die, but the dead don’t know anything, neither do they have any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, their hatred, and their envy has perished long ago; neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun. Go your way—eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart; for God has already accepted your works. Let your garments be always white, and don’t let your head lack oil. Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your life of vanity, which he has given you under the sun, all your days of vanity: for that is your portion in life, and in your labor in which you labor under the sun. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in Sheol, where you are going.
    Ecclesiastes 9:5 – 10

    The final burst of the soul’s light and joy before passing into the depths of the earth, and into the cords of Sheol; Sheol, who is never satisfied, and who makes wide her soul to all. Vibrant gladiola, graceful stargazer lily, triumphant iris and bright heliotrope flare, and is finally made somber by heavy copal, a drop of labdanum, and tonka.

    Out of Stock
  • Siren

    Bewitching, tantalizing and dangerously seductive. A thrilling, exotic blend — deceptively sweet, but spiked with malice. White ginger, jasmine, and a touch of vanilla and apricot.

    Out of Stock
  • Skuld


    Ylang ylang, honey, Egyptian and Arabian musks and labdanum.

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  • Slippery Poppy Tincture

    Supports psychic health and strengthens the astral body.
    Dissolves and expels telepathic blockage.
    Every medium should have it. Use before every seance.

    Poppy flowers, acai berry, and honey.

    Out of Stock
  • Slobbering Pine

    Dewy, wet, whiplike and sticky.

    Out of Stock
  • Thalia

    Good Cheer

    Plumeria, pear and white champagne.

    Out of Stock
  • Thanatos

    One of the horrible, painful, cruel, brooding, mocking and malignant children of Nyx, he is Death Incarnate, and is seen as a willowy young man, accompanied by a butterfly, bearing an inverted torch and funeral wreath in his hands. In modern thought, thanks to Sigmund Freud, it is the Death Instinct: love of death, destruction and decay, and the desire to embrace the quiescence, silence and peace of the grave. Dry white sandalwood and soft Siamese benzoin over a lugubrious blend of myrrh, Moroccan rose, mastic, tomb moss and a thin whiff of Greek incense.

    Out of Stock
  • The Apple of Sodom

    …Their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah:
    their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter.

    The tree’s bark is grey and cork-like, and the fruit,
    when ripe, is bright yellow, comely and sweet-scented.

    After their success in tempting Adam and Eve to the knowledge of sin, Satan and his cronies celebrated by partaking of the Apple:

    There stood
    A Grove hard by, sprung up with this thir change,
    His will who reigns above, to aggravate
    Thir penance, laden with Fruit like that
    Which grew in Paradise, the bait of Eve
    Us’d by the Tempter: on that prospect strange
    Thir earnest eyes they fix’d, imagining
    For one forbidden Tree a multitude
    Now ris’n, to work them furder woe or shame;
    Yet parcht with scalding thurst and hunger fierce,
    Though to delude them sent, could not abstain,
    But on they rould in heaps, and up the Trees
    Climbing, sat thicker then the snakie locks
    That curld Megæra: greedily they pluck’d
    The Frutage fair to sight, like that which grew
    Neer that bituminous Lake where Sodom flam’d;
    This more delusive, not the touch, but taste
    Deceav’d; they fondly thinking to allay
    Thir appetite with gust, instead of Fruit
    Chewd bitter Ashes, which th’ offended taste
    With spattering noise rejected: oft they assayd,
    Hunger and thirst constraining, drugd as oft,
    With hatefullest disrelish writh’d thir jaws
    With soot and cinders fill’d; so oft they fell
    Into the same illusion, not as Man
    Whom they triumph’d once lapst. Thus were they plagu’d
    And worn with Famin, long and ceasless hiss,
    Till thir lost shape, permitted, they resum’d,
    Yearly enjoynd, some say, to undergo
    This annual humbling certain number’d days,
    To dash thir pride, and joy for Man seduc’t.

    Native to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, this fruit turns to ashes when plucked as a sign of God’s displeasure.

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  • The Death-Horse

    We must have all the old demons of the first class, with tails, and the hobgoblins and imps; and then I think we ought not to leave out the death-horse, or the grave-pig, or even the church dwarf, although they do belong to the clergy, and are not reckoned among our people; but that is merely their office, they are nearly related to us, and visit us very frequently. 

    Lily of the Valley and opopponax.

    Out of Stock
  • The Phantom Wooer

    A ghost, that loved a lady fair,
    Ever in the starry air
    Of midnight at her pillow stood;
    And, with a sweetness skies above
    The luring words of human love,
    Her soul the phantom wooed.
    Sweet and sweet is their poisoned note,
    The little snakes’ of silver throat,
    In mossy skulls that nest and lie,
    Ever singing “die, oh! die.”

    Young soul, put off your flesh, and come
    With me into the quiet tomb,
    Our bed is lovely, dark, and sweet;
    The earth will swing us, as she goes,
    Beneath our coverlid of snows,
    And the warm leaden sheet.

    Dear and dear is their poisoned note,
    The little snakes’ of silver throat,
    In mossy skulls that nest and lie,
    Ever singing “die, oh! die.”

    A lifeless love song: stargazer lily, bone dust, tomb mosses, buttonweed, moonflower, and honey myrtle.

    Out of Stock
  • The Reaper and the Flowers

    There is a Reaper, whose name is Death,
    And, with his sickle keen,
    He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
    And the flowers that grow between.

    “Shall I have naught that is fair?” Saith he;
    “Having naught but the bearded grain?
    Though the breath of these flowers is sweet to me,
    I will give them all back again,”

    He gazed at the flowers with tearful eye,
    He kissed their drooping leaves;
    It was for the Lord of Paradise
    He bound them in his sheaves.

    “My Lord has need of these flowerets gay,”
    The Reaper said, and smiled:
    “Dear tokens of the earth are they,
    Where he was once a child.”

    “They shall all bloom in fields of light,
    Transplanted by my care,
    And saints, upon their garments white,
    These sacred blossoms wear.”

    And the mother gave, in tears and pain,
    The flowers she most did love:
    She knew she should find them all again
    In the fields of light above.

    O, not in cruelty, not in wrath,
    The Reaper came that day;
    ‘Twas an angel visited the green earth,
    And took the flowers away.

    A funereal bouquet laid on cemetery grass: longiflorum lilies, white rose, chrysanthemum, and carnation.

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  • The Sluggard

    ‘Tis the voice of the sluggard; I heard him complain,
    “You have waked me too soon, I must slumber again.”
    As the door on its hinges, so he on his bed,
    Turns his sides and his shoulders and his heavy head.

    “A little more sleep, and a little more slumber;”
    Thus he wastes half his days, and his hours without number,
    And when he gets up, he sits folding his hands,
    Or walks about sauntering, or trifling he stands.

    I pass’d by his garden, and saw the wild brier,
    The thorn and the thistle grow broader and higher;
    The clothes that hang on him are turning to rags;
    And his money still wastes till he starves or he begs.

    I made him a visit, still hoping to find
    That he took better care for improving his mind:
    He told me his dreams, talked of eating and drinking;
    But scarce reads his Bible, and never loves thinking.

    Said I then to my heart, “Here’s a lesson for me,”
    This man’s but a picture of what I might be:
    But thanks to my friends for their care in my breeding,
    Who taught me betimes to love working and reading.

    Pious frankincense, angelic gardenia, unsoiled pear, and staunch ho wood conflict with prickly, overgrown thistle, idle labdanum, and lethargic lavender.

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In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Resurrected

These long-dead scents are back for a limited time in a slightly tweaked form!

Due to component issues, the originals are gone for good, but their spirits are back to haunt us until August 29th.

  • Aeval – Resurrected

    A raven-haired Fairy Queen of Ireland.

    One of her eternal duties dictates that she must hold a midnight court every season and hear the pleas of married Irishwomen. The court serves only to determine whether or not husbands are adequately serving their wife's sexual needs. A judicious yet powerfully sensual blend, a mingling of justice and sexuality: sage, sweet pea, bold pale musk and warm tonka.

    Out of Stock
  • Baghdad – Resurrected

    Amber, saffron and bergamot with mandarin, nutmeg, Bulgar rose, musk and sandalwood.

    Out of Stock
  • Black Hellebore – Resurrected

    Also called Melampode. In witchcraft legend, this is one of the components of the notorious flying ointment, and is used in rituals that summon the Devil. In Greek mythology, Melampus of Pylos used hellebore to save the daughters of the king of Argos from a Dionysian Maenad-like madness. In Christian myth, hellebore was born from the tears a little girl shed onto the snow because she had no gift to give to the Christ child. In low magick, it has been used by farmers to protect their livestock from the evil eye. Court magicians have used it in martial invisibility spells, enabling spies and assassins to infiltrate enemy camps. Hellebore resembles the wild rose, but does not belong to their family. The scent is a pale green herbal, darkly rooty, with a faint rose and peony-like overtone.

    Borage and hellebore fill two scenes,
    Sovereign plants to purge the veins
    Of melancholy, and cheer the heart
    Of those black fumes which make it smart.

    Out of Stock
  • Bluebeard – Resurrected

    A scent swirling with dark rage, unbridled jealousy, and murderous intent. Violet, lavender, white musk and vetiver.

    Out of Stock
  • Bread-and-Butterfly – Resurrected

    `Crawling at your feet,' said the Gnat (Alice drew her feet back in some alarm), `you may observe a Bread-and-Butterfly. Its wings are thin slices of Bread-and-butter, its body is a crust, and its head is a lump of sugar.'

    `And what does IT live on?'

    `Weak tea with cream in it.'

    Bread, lightly buttered, with weak tea, cream, and a lump of white sugar.

    Out of Stock
  • De Sade – Resurrected

    The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather.

    Out of Stock
  • Dragon’s Eye – Resurrected

    A piercing, radiant perfume: dragon's blood resin, lily of the valley, lilac and galbanum.

    Out of Stock
  • Forbidden Fruit – Resurrected

    As light and innocent as your first time should have been. The fresh scent of lotus hidden behind lightly scented flowers, amber, and citrus.

    Out of Stock
  • Loviatar – Resurrected

    The Finnish Goddess of Agony, Torment and the joy found in inflicting pain on others. The Mistress of Torture, she has transformed in the modern era into the patron Goddess of Dominatrixes. The slap of slick, hot leather punctuates the warm, sensual embrace of black amber, red musk and dark, lascivious myrrh.

    Out of Stock
  • Silk Road – Resurrected

    A panoply of cultural treasures, spanning the herbs, flowers, oils and balms of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Mediterranean, the Levant, Northern China, Eastern Europe, Iran, the Bulgar-Kypchak, Mesopotamia, the Crimean Peninsula, Anatolia, Antioch, and North Africa.

    Out of Stock
  • Ultraviolet – Resurrected

    Electrifying, mechanized and chilly — the scent of crushed blooms strewn on cold metal. Lush violet and neroli spiked hard with eucalyptus and a sliver of mint.

    Out of Stock
  • Umbra – Resurrected

    The deepest, darkest point in a shadow; the area contained within the shadow of an eclipse. East African black patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and a dribble of cinnamon.

    Out of Stock
  • Venom – Resurrected

    Darkly seductive and lethally compelling: sinuous oponax, galbanum, dark wild berries, a drop of lush jasmine and a sliver of lime.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Bewitching Brews

  • Aeval

    A raven-haired Fairy Queen of Ireland.

    One of her eternal duties dictates that she must hold a midnight court every season and hear the pleas of married Irishwomen. The court serves only to determine whether or not husbands are adequately serving their wife's sexual needs. A judicious yet powerfully sensual blend, a mingling of justice and sexuality: sage, sweet pea, bold pale musk and warm tonka.

    Out of Stock
  • Antique Lace

    Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes.

    Out of Stock
  • Grand Guignol

    In 1897, a new form of entertainment was presented to the people of Montmartre, Paris: the Théâtre du Grand Guignol. During the course of an evening at the theatre, one would watch several small plays, ranging from crime dramas to sexual farces, a violent, throat-ripping, eye-gouging, acid-tossing good time, which always included shock topics such as infanticide, necrophilia, insanity, murder, paranoia, vengeance and death by common household object. Our Grand Guignol perfume is a shot of sweet apricot brandy; just enough to settle your nerves after a ghoulish, gory brush with the macabre.

    Out of Stock
  • Magus

    An ancient blend, swollen with arcane power: galangal, high john essence, frankincense, cedar, and sandalwood.

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  • Omen

    Deep, mysterious, and full of dark portents: oakmoss, juniper berry, myrrh and patchouli.

    Out of Stock
  • Ozymandias

    I met a traveler from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read,
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed,
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
    Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    Desolation. The remnants of an empire, shivering with forgotten glories, a monument to megalomania, sundered power, and colossal loss. Dry desert air, dry and hot, passing over crumbling stone megaliths and plundered golden monuments, bearing a hint of the incense of lost Gods on its winds.

    Out of Stock
  • Phantasm

    This delicate, spectral perfume gives rise to an eerie distortion of of the senses. It bestows an ephemeral, ghostly, and truly haunting quality to your presence. Green tea, lemon verbena, jasmine and neroli.

    Out of Stock
  • Shattered

    A scent as sharp as glass shards, and as brittle as a broken heart. The formula came to me – quite literally – in a dream, and is named after, and created in memory of, the last poem that I ever wrote… almost ten years ago to the day. A blend of white champagne notes, grapefruit, lotus, slivered mint and crystalline aquatic blooms.

    Out of Stock
  • Swank

    Simply cool, the essence of Lounge: the scent of a crisp pomegranate martini.

    Out of Stock
  • Ultraviolet

    Electrifying, mechanized and chilly — the scent of crushed blooms strewn on cold metal. Lush violet and neroli spiked hard with eucalyptus and a sliver of mint.

    Out of Stock
  • Umbra

    The deepest, darkest point in a shadow; the area contained within the shadow of an eclipse. East African black patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and a dribble of cinnamon.

    Out of Stock
  • Undertow

    The Dark Side of Water: clean and purifying, yet menacing — lotus and juniper with a hint of mint. A scent dragged up from the depths to the Stygian shore.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Illyria

  • Caliban

    Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
    Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
    Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
    Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
    That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
    Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
    The clouds methought would open and show riches
    Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
    I cried to dream again.

    The scent of the salty seas, bittersweet wine, palm and tropical ferns.

    Out of Stock
  • Helena

    I'll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
    To die upon the hand I love so well.

    Rose amber, calla lily, night-blooming jasmine, water lily,

    Out of Stock
  • Lear

    A regal, commanding scent, but poignant. White cedarwood, blue sage and bay leaf.

    Out of Stock
  • Lysander

    The course of true love never did run smooth.

    Lilac musk, tonka, wood violet, and urbane lime rind, with a Venus-kissed tangle of myrtle, blackberry leaf, and benzoin.

    Out of Stock
  • Queen Gertrude

    Imperial violet softened by wisteria and chrysanthemum, but edged with the regal iciness of delphinium.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Mad Tea Party

  • Bread-and-Butterfly

    `Crawling at your feet,' said the Gnat (Alice drew her feet back in some alarm), `you may observe a Bread-and-Butterfly. Its wings are thin slices of Bread-and-butter, its body is a crust, and its head is a lump of sugar.'

    `And what does IT live on?'

    `Weak tea with cream in it.'

    Bread, lightly buttered, with weak tea, cream, and a lump of white sugar.

    Out of Stock
  • Imperious Tiger Lily

    `O Tiger-lily,’ said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about in the wind, `I wish you could talk!’ 

    `We can talk,’ said the Tiger-lily: `when there’s anybody worth talking to.” 

    Alice was so astonished that she could not speak for a minute: it quite seemed to take her breath away. At length, as the Tiger-lily only went on waving about, she spoke again, in a timid voice — almost in a whisper. `And can all the flowers talk?’ 

    `As well as you can,’ said the Tiger-lily. `And a great deal louder.’ 

    Tiger-lily, ginger root, neroli, purple fruits, and frankincense.

    Out of Stock
  • Jabberwocky

    And, as in uffish thought he stood,
    The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
    Come whiffing through the tulgey wood,
    And burbled as it came!

    An earthy yet buoyant scent: pine, eucalyptus and orange.

    Out of Stock
  • Rocking-Horse-Fly

    ` — then you don’t like all insects?’ the Gnat went on, as quietly as if nothing had happened.

    `I like them when they can talk,’ Alice said. `None of them ever talk, where I come from.’

    `What sort of insects do you rejoice in, where YOU come from?’ the Gnat inquired.

    `I don’t REJOICE in insects at all,’ Alice explained, `because I’m rather afraid of them — at least the large kinds. But I can tell you the names of some of them.”

    `Of course they answer to their names?’ the Gnat remarked carelessly.

    `I never knew them do it.’

    `What’s the use of their having names the Gnat said, `if they won’t answer to them?’

    `No use to THEM,’ said Alice; `but it’s useful to the people who name them, I suppose. If not, why do things have names at all?’

    `I can’t say,’ the Gnat replied. `Further on, in the wood down there, they’ve got no names — however, go on with your list of insects: you’re wasting time.’

    `Well, there’s the Horse-fly,’ Alice began, counting off the names on her fingers.

    `All right,’ said the Gnat: `half way up that bush, you’ll see a Rocking-horse-fly, if you look. It’s made entirely of wood, and gets about by swinging itself from branch to branch.’

    `What does it live on?’ Alice asked, with great curiosity.

    `Sap and sawdust,’ said the Gnat. `Go on with the list.’

    Alice looked up at the Rocking-horse-fly with great interest, and made up her mind that it must have been just repainted, it looked so bright and sticky; and then she went on.

    Shellacked wood, sap, sawdust, and privet.

    Out of Stock
  • Snap-Dragon-Fly

    `Look on the branch above your head,’ said the Gnat, `and there you’ll find a Snap-Dragon-fly. Its body is made of plum-pudding, its wings of holly-leaves, and its head is a raisin burning in brandy.’

    `And what does it live on?’

    `Frumenty and mince pie,’ the Gnat replied; `and it makes its nest in a Christmas box.’

    Plum pudding, holly, and brandy-soaked raisin with frumenty, mince pie, and a hint of suet.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Märchen

  • Egle

    In another time, long ago lived an old man and his wife. Both of them had twelve sons and three daughters. The youngest being named Egle. On a warm summer evening all three girls decided to go swimming. After splashing about with each other and bathing they climbed onto the riverbank to dress and groom their hair. But the youngest, Egle, only stared for a serpent had slithered into the sleeve of her blouse. What was she to do? The eldest girl grabbed Egle’s blouse. She threw the blouse down and jumped on it, anything to get rid of the serpent. But the serpent turned to the youngest, Egle, and spoke to her in a man’s voice:

    Egle, promise to become my bride and I will gladly come out.
    Egle began to cry how could she marry a serpent? Through her tears she answered:
    Please give me back my blouse and return from whence you came, in peace.

    But the serpent would not listen:
    Promise to become my bride and I will gladly come out.
    There was nothing else she could do; she promised the serpent to become his bride.

    Ocean water, hyacinth petals, star jasmine, and fir.

    Out of Stock
  • Prunella

    There was once upon a time a woman who had an only daughter. When the child was about seven years old she used to pass every day, on her way to school, an orchard where there was a wild plum tree, with delicious ripe plums hanging from the branches. Each morning the child would pick one, and put it into her pocket to eat at school. For this reason she was called Prunella. Now, the orchard belonged to a witch. One day the witch noticed the child gathering a plum, as she passed along the road. Prunella did it quite innocently, not knowing that she was doing wrong in taking the fruit that hung close to the roadside. But the witch was furious, and next day hid herself behind the hedge, and when Prunella came past, and put out her hand to pluck the fruit, she jumped out and seized her by the arm.

    ‘Ah! you little thief!’ she exclaimed. ‘I have caught you at last. Now you will have to pay for your misdeeds.’

    Ripe purple plums, wildflowers, and cream.

    Out of Stock
  • The Chicken-Legged Hut

    But at evening she came all at once to the green lawn where the wretched little hut stood on its hens’ legs. The wall around the hut was made of human bones and on its top were skulls. There was a gate in the wall, whose hinges were the bones of human feet and whose locks were jaw-bones set with sharp teeth. The sight filled Vasilissa with horror and she stopped as still as a post buried in the ground.

    Creaky wood and sun-dried thatching, clacking bones, leering skulls, burnt herbs, and enormous magical chicken feet.

    Out of Stock
  • The Miller’s Daughter

    There was once a miller who was very poor, but he had a beautiful daughter. Now, it happened that he came to speak to the king, and, to give himself importance, he said to him, “I have a daughter who can spin straw into gold.”

    The king said to the miller, “That is a talent that pleases me well; if she be as skilful as you say, bring her to-morrow to the palace, and I will put her to the proof.”

    When the maiden was brought to him, he led her to a room full of straw, gave her a wheel and spindle, and said, “Now set to work, and if by the morrow this straw be not spun into gold, you shall die.” He locked the door, and left the maiden alone.

    Spun gold, tear-soaked straw, and rose-infused amber.

    Out of Stock
  • The Old Goblin

    “Well, I suppose I must tell you now,” he replied; “two of my daughters must prepare themselves to be married, for the marriages certainly will take place. The old goblin from Norway, who lives in the ancient Dovre mountains, and who possesses many castles built of rock and freestone, besides a gold mine, which is better than all, so it is thought, is coming with his two sons, who are both seeking a wife. The old goblin is a true-hearted, honest, old Norwegian graybeard; cheerful and straightforward. I knew him formerly, when we used to drink together to our good fellowship: he came here once to fetch his wife, she is dead now. She was the daughter of the king of the chalk-hills at Moen. They say he took his wife from chalk; I shall be delighted to see him again. It is said that the boys are ill-bred, forward lads, but perhaps that is not quite correct, and they will become better as they grow older. Let me see that you know how to teach them good manners.” 

    A crown of hardened ice and polished fir-cones.

    Out of Stock
  • Thorns

    `Ah, ah! you thought to find your lady love, but the pretty bird has flown and its song is dumb; the cat caught it, and will scratch out your eyes too. Rapunzel is lost to you for ever–you will never see her more.’

    The Prince was beside himself with grief, and in his despair he jumped right down from the tower, and, though he escaped with his life, the thorns among which he fell pierced his eyes out. Then he wandered, blind and miserable, through the wood, eating nothing but roots and berries, and weeping and lamenting the loss of his lovely bride.

    Thorn-spiked vines, blood, and tears.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Rappaccini’s Garden

  • Black Hellebore

    Also called Melampode. In witchcraft legend, this is one of the components of the notorious flying ointment, and is used in rituals that summon the Devil. In Greek mythology, Melampus of Pylos used hellebore to save the daughters of the king of Argos from a Dionysian Maenad-like madness. In Christian myth, hellebore was born from the tears a little girl shed onto the snow because she had no gift to give to the Christ child. In low magick, it has been used by farmers to protect their livestock from the evil eye. Court magicians have used it in martial invisibility spells, enabling spies and assassins to infiltrate enemy camps. Hellebore resembles the wild rose, but does not belong to their family. The scent is a pale green herbal, darkly rooty, with a faint rose and peony-like overtone.

    Borage and hellebore fill two scenes,
    Sovereign plants to purge the veins
    Of melancholy, and cheer the heart
    Of those black fumes which make it smart.

    Out of Stock
  • The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    After these things, surveying the entrances of the north, above the mountains, I perceived seven mountains replete with pure nard, odoriferous trees, cinnamon and papyrus.

    From there I passed on above the summits of those mountains to some distance eastwards, and went over the Erythraean sea. And when I was advanced far beyond it, I passed along above the angel Zateel, and arrived at the garden of righteousness.

    In this garden I beheld, among other trees, some which were numerous and large, and which flourished there.

    Their fragrance was agreeable and powerful, and their appearance both varied and elegant. The tree of knowledge also was there, of which if any one eats, he becomes endowed with great wisdom.

    It was like a species of the tamarind tree, bearing fruit which

    resembled grapes extremely fine; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance.

    I exclaimed, How beautiful is this tree, and how delightful is its appearance!

    Then holy Raphael, an angel who was with me, answered and said, This is the tree of knowledge, of which your ancient father and your aged mother ate, who were before you; and who, obtaining knowledge, their eyes being opened, and knowing themselves to be naked, were expelled from the garden.

    Whiffs of cinnamon bark, almond, and spikenard surround a perfect fruit, whose scent is akin to a tamarind, with the grace of a fine grape, as warm and rich as a fresh fig, glistening red like pomegranate seeds, and as crisp as an apple.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - General Catalogue - Wanderlust

  • Placeholder


    Amber, saffron and bergamot with mandarin, nutmeg, Bulgar rose, musk and sandalwood.

    Out of Stock
  • Florence

    The pearl of the Italian Renaissance. Elegant iris, bright berries, gilded amber and velvety spices.

    Out of Stock
  • Hamptons

    Diese Tage, die leer dir scheinen
    und wertlos für das All,
    haben Wurzeln zwischen den Steinen
    und trinken dort überall.

    But nothing's lost. Or else: all is translation
    And every bit of us is lost in it
    (Or found–I wander through the ruin of S
    Now and then, wondering at the peacefulness)
    And in that loss a self-effacing tree,
    Color of context, imperceptibly
    Rustling with its angel, turns the waste
    To shade and fiber, milk and memory.

    The scent of a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

    Out of Stock
  • Tintagel

    According to legend, the birthplace of King Arthur. The scent of a castle's great hall in the midst of joyous feasting. Spicy mulled wine flowing through the musky heat, warm leather and bright clash of armor, the damp branches of Cornish hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, English elm and bayberry, and the magical tingle of dragon's blood resin.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition

  • Between Your Heart and Mine

    … I find myself thinking of you – at the most inopportune moments of the day. I feel as if a link – a thread exists between your heart and mine… And that, should that link be broken by distance or time… Well – I fear my heart would cease to beat and die… and you’d soon forget about me.

    Heartwood bois de rose and vanilla-touched rose.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - The Fool’s Journey 2018

If one wants to form a picture of the symbolic process, the series of pictures found in alchemy are good examples, though the symbols they contain are for the most part traditional despite their often obscure origin and significance… It also seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation…

“The symbolic process is an experience in images and of images. Its development usually shows an enantiodromian structure like the text of the I Ching, and so presents a rhythm of negative and positive, loss and gain, dark and light. Its beginning is almost invariably characterized by one’s getting stuck in a blind alley or in some impossible situation; and its goal is, broadly speaking, illumination or higher consciousness, by means of which the initial situation is overcome on a higher level. As regards the time factor, the process may be compressed into a single dream or into a short moment of experience, or it may extend over months and years, depending on the nature of the initial situation, the person involved in the process, and the goal to be reached. The wealth of symbols naturally varies enormously from case to case. Although everything is experienced in image form, i.e., symbolically, it is by no means a question of fictitious dangers but of very real risks upon which the fate of a whole life may depend.”

– Carl Jung, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

  • La Papesse

    A visionary heretic, martyred to usher in a new Aeon: rose oudh, blackened myrrh, and cathedral incense.

    Out of Stock
  • Pomegranates and Date Palms

    The Mysteries of Persephone’s divine descent entwined with the Mysteries of the Temple of Solomon, forming a map of the Tree of Life.

    He made chains in the inner sanctuary and placed them on the tops of the pillars; and he made one hundred pomegranates and placed them on the chains.


    Pomegranate, dates, and cypress infused with ketoret smoke veiled in violet, purple, and crimson.

    Out of Stock
  • The Crescent Moon

    The mystery of divine virginity, insemination, and the cradle of all birth. Fertility, wise counsel, and the gift of true wisdom.


    Gleaming amber and copal with white sage and sheer juniper.

    Out of Stock
  • The Cross

    The integration of spirit with the material world: frankincense, styrax, oakmoss, patchouli, and birch tar.

    Out of Stock
  • The Crown

    The three phases of the moon fashioned into a lunar triregnum: blue chamomile, mugwort, and orris root.

    Out of Stock
  • The Eternal Virgin

    The keeper of the secrets that are hidden [AB3] at the moment that life begins. Her light is the veil that cloaks the spirit; she is the mediator between the supplicant and the word of the gods.


    White carnation, cardamom pod, and honey milk.

    Out of Stock
  • The Initiatrix

    Guiding the aspirant to spiritual knowledge and attainment through silence, reflection, intuition, and direct experience.


    Red benzoin and rose.

    Out of Stock
  • The Moon Goddess

    Virgin, huntress, witch, holding the mysteries and powers of womanhood between her palms: vetiver, white pine,  hay, Sicilian lemon, leather, and agarwood.

    Out of Stock
  • The Night Priestess

    Who leads the star-dazed hero in a moon-blessed quest for his mythical lover: night-blooming jasmine, clove bud, cardamom, moonlit vanilla orchid, and moonflower.

    Out of Stock
  • The Pillars

    The pillars at the entrance to Solomon’s temple. And he reared up the pillars before the temple, one on the right hand, and the other on the left; and called the name of that on the right hand Jachin, and the name of that on the left Boaz.


    “These two pillars, therefore, stand for the two great spiritual principles that are the basis of all Life: Jachin typifying the Unity resulting from Being, and Boaz typifying the Unity resulting from Love. In this Dual-Unity we find the key to all conceivable involution or evolution of Spirit; and it is therefore not without reason that the record of these two ancient pillars has been preserved in our Scriptures. And finally we may take this as an index to the character of our Scriptures generally. They contain infinite meanings; and often those passages which appear on the surface to be most meaningless will be found to possess the deepest significance. The Book, which we often read so superficially, hides beneath its sometimes seemingly trivial words the secrets of other things. The twin pillars Jachin and Boaz bear witness to this truth.”

    – The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward, 1921


    White cedar, cypress wood, sweet myrrh, honey myrtle, white sandalwood, spikenard, and frankincense.

    Out of Stock
  • The Scroll

    Her scroll is sealed, her book is closed, and she is silent: the wisdom that she grants is that which cannot be put into words, that which cannot be recorded but must be experienced.


    Honeyed myrrh with a drop of Ceylon cinnamon.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - The Fool’s Journey 2018 - Aspects of the Fool

The Excuse, the Madman, the Wild Card, the Highest Trump That Prospers from All Previous Tricks. He is the Everyman, but also the Outsider and the narrator in the moment that he enters the tale. The Fool is the root from which all the other trumps spring, but is also the card without value. He carries no number because he stands outside, above, and below the social order; he exists beyond the other cards, unencumbered. He is free to move both onstage and backstage; he can break the fourth wall and address the audience. He is improvisation, the unwritten script. Folly and sagacity, hesitation and leaps of faith. Absolute freedom, absolute nothingness; anarchy, indifference, prodigality, balance, and imbalance.

Everything matters, nothing matters. We all walk off the cliff eventually.

  • Eyes Skyward, Eyes Shut

    Divine ecstasy and divine madness. Ambivalence and absolute faith.

    Frankincense and lemon peel drifting on a cloud of lemongrass, white coconut, sandalwood, and vanilla absolute.

    Out of Stock
  • The Bindle

    A jester’s balloon, a vagabond’s pack. The riddle and the punch line. The Consequence, the Mystery, the Untapped Collective Knowledge of All Mankind.

    Jasmine petals tumbled with a panoply of spices, suffused with incense smoke.

    Out of Stock
  • The Fool’s Dog

    Sometimes playfully walking with the Fool, sometimes tugging on his stockings, sometimes attacking in a pack, sometimes tearing the ass out of his pants, sometimes chomping him right on the nuts: feral and tame, guardian and hunter, loyalty and opposition. Sometimes guiding the Fool off the cliff and other times warning him of dangers ahead.

    A warm canine musk, trampled grass, a gleam of ivory-white fang, cardamom pod, and crushed yew.

    Out of Stock
  • The Fool’s Rose

    Purity of ideal, unsullied innocence, liberation from base desires and worldly trappings.

    White rose, frankincense, verbena, and angelica root.

    Out of Stock
  • The Fool’s Tranquility

    At peace with recklessness and abandon, the serenity of accepting the embrace of disorder and obliquity: pink pepper and honey.

    Out of Stock
  • The Precipice

    The Leap of Faith or the Apex of Irresponsibility. One foot remains precariously touching the earth, the other hovers towards enlightenment or oblivion.

    Green tea, neroli, and osmanthus, patchouli root, Spanish moss, tobacco absolute, and vetiver.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - The Fool’s Journey 2018 - Faces of the Fool

  • Fate’s Jester

    Speaking truth to kings, beggars, and popes alike, immune to retribution and lordly wrath as he flings wise quips like cream pies and barbed arrows.

    A motley tunic, festooned in bells: red currant and lemon peel over sugared patchouli and a bit of buttercream.

    Out of Stock
  • Il Matto

    Reviled and mocked, pelted by stones and set upon by dogs, all the while singing the song of divine madness: red sandalwood, tobacco absolute, palo santo, black copal and balsam dusted by burnt sage, soot, and an echo of frankincense.

    Out of Stock
  • Jongleur

    Wherein the Magician and the Fool are one, spinning the story and juggling the knives that drive a man’s fate.

    Frankincense and star anise, bergamot and clove bud, rue and green cinnamon, saffron and carnation, cedar and vanilla absolute.

    Out of Stock
  • Narr

    The affable fool who uses his own obtuseness and ignorance to his advantage: milk, honey, and wild fig with ambrette seed and almond buttercream.

    Out of Stock
  • The Scapegoat

    To save a trump card, sometimes you must make sacrifices: tolu balsam, leather, labdanum, black pepper, and benzoin.

    Out of Stock
  • The Stranger

    The unknown factor, the outsider entering your town uninvited, unannounced, and unknown: a narcotic black chypre with crushed violets, indigo lilac, patchouli, oakmoss absolute, labdanum, and clove.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - The Fool’s Journey 2018 - The Magician

If one wants to form a picture of the symbolic process, the series of pictures found in alchemy are good examples, though the symbols they contain are for the most part traditional despite their often obscure origin and significance… It also seems as if the set of pictures in the Tarot cards were distantly descended from the archetypes of transformation…

“The symbolic process is an experience in images and of images. Its development usually shows an enantiodromian structure like the text of the I Ching, and so presents a rhythm of negative and positive, loss and gain, dark and light. Its beginning is almost invariably characterized by one’s getting stuck in a blind alley or in some impossible situation; and its goal is, broadly speaking, illumination or higher consciousness, by means of which the initial situation is overcome on a higher level. As regards the time factor, the process may be compressed into a single dream or into a short moment of experience, or it may extend over months and years, depending on the nature of the initial situation, the person involved in the process, and the goal to be reached. The wealth of symbols naturally varies enormously from case to case. Although everything is experienced in image form, i.e., symbolically, it is by no means a question of fictitious dangers but of very real risks upon which the fate of a whole life may depend.”

– Carl Jung, Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious

  • The Lemniscate

    The sign of life, the sigil of eternity. The mathematics that form the structure of the universe, the finality of Omega, yet also the inconceivable, endless space beyond. Immortality and rebirth, the perfect aspiration of Spirit.

    Frankincense and black pepper, Himalayan cedar, cognac, and tobacco.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - The Fool’s Journey 2018 - The Magician - Faces of the Magician

  • Il Bagatella

    The Carnival King, the embodiment of the liminal space that exists between the death and resurrection of Christ: pomegranate and Lebanese cedar, the martyr’s red rose, and an aspergillum of wine-soaked hyssop.

    Out of Stock
  • Taschenspieler

    The master of sleight-of-hand and trickery: dexterous, clever, and roguish. He is the mischief-maker whose tricks propel men to action, or dupe the foolish into traps of their own creation.

    Peru balsam, tobacco absolute, leather, white sage, and blackberry juice.

    Out of Stock
  • The Harlequin

    The Divine Comedian, the Eternal Jester, instructing through pranks and buffoonery:  vetiver-steeped raspberry and red currant.

    Out of Stock
  • The Legerdemain

    The twilight in between the stage performer and the Magus; the sleight of hand trick transforms into true sorcerous skill: black silken musk, dark clove, guiac wood, black pepper, frankincense, and cardamom.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magus

    The Sorcerer, the Cunning-Man, the Sage. He is the Kerux, Initiator and Psychopomp, the Divine Messenger who leads neophytes on their paths through the Mysteries and shepherds the souls to the underworld.

    Honey absolute, Oman frankincense, and asphodel.

    Out of Stock
  • The Mountebank

    The Hustler, the Scoundrel, the Grifter, using the magic of misdirection, charm, and subtlety to swindle his way through this world, and through all worlds, seen and unseen. Eloquent and glib, he is the quintessential knave. He is the Guardian of Gamblers and the Protector of Con-Men.

    A confidence trick: leather, sweet balsam, white sandalwood, thieves’ rosin, and dusty lavender.

    Out of Stock
  • The Storyteller

    The Raconteur, the Town Gossip, and the first character to appear on the stage in the first act. He is the Minstrel of the Heavens, the Devil’s Messenger, spinning morality tales, singing songs of loss, laughter, and triumph, and murmuring prophecies to all.

    Beeswax, leather, hearth wood, and campfire smoke.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Limited Edition - Aspects of the Magician

The First Trump, the Master of Ceremonies, the Compère, the Doorkeeper of the Tarot. Originally the Juggler – the prototypical Trickster – he was transformed by the shifting currents of collective consciousness into the consummate Magus. He is the Carnival King and the Lord of Gamblers, the First Diviner and the Master of Chance. He is Hermes, he is Mercury, he is Apollo; he is the opening note and the final triumph of the Opus and the Messenger of the Divine. He commands, controls, and synthesizes the Four Elements; he is Aleph, he is the first substance, he is the source of all numbers. He is the intersection of Heaven and Earth.

The Magician in his current incarnation embodies action in all forms, skill and perspicacity, the utilization of innate talents, and deliberate, conscious transformation, yet he is still the Juggler – the Supreme Trickster – forever playing Three-card Monte with your fate.

  • The Magician’s Belt

    The Ouroboros, the serpent as he consumes his own tail. Within this everlasting cycle, the spirit is reborn into eternity: frankincense, white rose, balsam, almond flower, and benzoin.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magician’s Garden

    Flos campi and lilium convallium, Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley: the blossoms of transcendence and spiritual aspiration.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magician’s Hands

    The Magician’s right hand bears the wand of Will aloft, while his left hand points earthward. This is the descent of grace, the act of drawing Divine light and inspiration to the material, mortal realm.

    Sweet myrrh, calamus, ambrette seed, and Ceylon cinnamon.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magician’s Robes

    The Red King and White Queen, sulfur and mercury, Rubedo and Albedo. The unification of opposites, putrefaction and individuation, the culmination of the Great Work.

    ὁδὸς ἄνω κάτω μία καὶ ὡυτή: red and white musks alight with frankincense, white oudh, sweet labdanum, and saffron. The way up and the way down are one and the same.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magician’s Tools

    With the Wand createth He.
    With the Cup preserveth He.
    With the Dagger destroyeth He.
    With the Coin redeemeth He.
    – Liber B vel Magi sub Figura I

    Clary sage and patchouli for Earth, lavender and yarrow for Air, tobacco and Dracaena cinnabari for Fire, lotus root and myrrh for Water.

    Out of Stock
  • The Magician’s Wand

    Energy, will, and the manifested Word of the Magus. It is the generative process, the act of creation: ash, rowan, oak, and elder wood, polished with sweet resins but handworn, glowing with inner fire.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018

Happy Lupercalia, perverts!

  • 413 U.S. 15 / Miller vs. California

    In 1974, a court ruling established a litmus test for obscenity in the United States. Does the First Amendment protect dirty birds? Yes, and no; it depends on where you are and what your neighbors perceive as naughty. The Court’s majority opinion stated that material could only be defined as obscene if

    “(a) the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest; [and] (b) the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law; and (c) the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value”
    If all three conditions are satisfied, voilà! — your work is obscene.

    But is it art?

    Although a work considered to have literary, artistic, political, or scientific value cannot, in theory, constitutionally be found to be obscene regardless of whether it appeals to prurient interest or is patently offensive, the question lies in how we can possibly determine with certainty whether or not a film, photograph, tale, or limerick has social value when philosophical and moral compasses vary so wildly from person to person and community to community.

    Is a perfume inspired by an 18th Century painting of a dildo obscene?

    What would your friends and neighbors say?

    Leather, cognac, fig, ripe berry, and cream, stuffed into a plain brown paper bag.

    Proceeds from the sale of this scent benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

    Out of Stock
  • Body, Remember

    Body, remember not only how much you were loved,
    not only the beds on which you lay,
    but also those desires for you
    that glowed plainly in the eyes,
    and trembled in the voice–and some
    chance obstacle made futile.
    Now that all of them belong to the past,
    it almost seems as if you had yielded
    to those desires–how they glowed,
    remember, in the eyes gazing at you;
    how they trembled in the voice, for you, remember, body.
    —Constantine Cavafy translated by Rae Dalven

    Profoundly sensual. The echo of caresses: raw black coconut, ambergris accord, ambrette seed, champaca flower, and sugar cane.

    Out of Stock
  • Night Thoughts

    Stars, you are unfortunate, I pity you,
    Beautiful as you are, shining in your glory,
    Who guide seafaring men through stress and peril
    And have no recompense from gods or mortals,
    Love you do not, nor do you know what love is.
    Hours that are aeons urgently conducting
    Your figures in a dance through the vast heaven,
    What journey have you ended in this moment,
    Since lingering in the arms of my beloved
    I lost all memory of you and midnight.
    —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Lilac, blue musk, dianthus, cedar, neroli, ozone, and luminous Eastern herbs.

    Out of Stock
  • One Perfect Day

    You did not need to creep into my heart
    The way you did. You could have smiled
    And knowing what you did, you have kept apart
    From all my inner soul. But you beguiled

    —Alice Dunbar-Nelson

    Honeyed tea rose, lavender water, red benzoin, bois de rose, and rose amber.

    Out of Stock
  • Sapphics

    All the night sleep came not upon my eyelids,
    Shed not dew, nor shook nor unclosed a feather,
    Yet with lips shut close and with eyes of iron
    Stood and beheld me.

    Then to me so lying awake a vision
    Came without sleep over the seas and touched me,
    Softly touched mine eyelids and lips; and I too,
    Full of the vision,

    Saw the white implacable Aphrodite,
    Saw the hair unbound and the feet unsandalled
    Shine as fire of sunset on western waters;
    Saw the reluctant

    Feet, the straining plumes of the doves that drew her,
    Looking always, looking with necks reverted,
    Back to Lesbos, back to the hills whereunder
    Shone Mitylene;

    Heard the flying feet of the Loves behind her
    Make a sudden thunder upon the waters,
    As the thunder flung from the strong unclosing
    Wings of a great wind.

    So the goddess fled from her place, with awful
    Sound of feet and thunder of wings around her;
    While behind a clamour of singing women
    Severed the twilight.

    Ah the singing, ah the delight, the passion!
    All the Loves wept, listening; sick with anguish,
    Stood the crowned nine Muses about Apollo;
    Fear was upon them,

    While the tenth sang wonderful things they knew not.
    Ah the tenth, the Lesbian! the nine were silent,
    None endured the sound of her song for weeping;
    Laurel by laurel,

    Faded all their crowns; but about her forehead,
    Round her woven tresses and ashen temples
    White as dead snow, paler than grass in summer,
    Ravaged with kisses,

    Shone a light of fire as a crown for ever.
    Yea, almost the implacable Aphrodite
    Paused, and almost wept; such a song was that song.
    Yea, by her name too

    Called her, saying, “Turn to me, O my Sappho;”
    Yet she turned her face from the Loves, she saw not
    Tears for laughter darken immortal eyelids,
    Heard not about her

    Fearful fitful wings of the doves departing,
    Saw not how the bosom of Aphrodite
    Shook with weeping, saw not her shaken raiment,
    Saw not her hands wrung;

    Saw the Lesbians kissing across their smitten
    Lutes with lips more sweet than the sound of lute-strings,
    Mouth to mouth and hand upon hand, her chosen,
    Fairer than all men;

    Only saw the beautiful lips and fingers,
    Full of songs and kisses and little whispers,
    Full of music; only beheld among them
    Soar, as a bird soars

    Newly fledged, her visible song, a marvel,
    Made of perfect sound and exceeding passion,
    Sweetly shapen, terrible, full of thunders,
    Clothed with the wind’s wings.

    Then rejoiced she, laughing with love, and scattered
    Roses, awful roses of holy blossom;
    Then the Loves thronged sadly with hidden faces
    Round Aphrodite,

    Then the Muses, stricken at heart, were silent;
    Yea, the gods waxed pale; such a song was that song.
    All reluctant, all with a fresh repulsion,
    Fled from before her.

    All withdrew long since, and the land was barren,
    Full of fruitless women and music only.
    Now perchance, when winds are assuaged at sunset,
    Lulled at the dewfall,

    By the grey sea-side, unassuaged, unheard of,
    Unbeloved, unseen in the ebb of twilight,
    Ghosts of outcast women return lamenting,
    Purged not in Lethe,

    Clothed about with flame and with tears, and singing
    Songs that move the heart of the shaken heaven,
    Songs that break the heart of the earth with pity,
    Hearing, to hear them.
    —Algernon Charles Swinburne

    Tonka, oakmoss, tolu balsam, grey amber, myrrh, and muguet.

    Out of Stock
  • Smut

    We are the smuttiest, fifteen years runnin’. Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes.

    Out of Stock
  • Snake Skin

    For he seemed to me again like a king,
    Like a king in exile, uncrowned in the underworld,
    Now due to be crowned again.

    A sinuous leather variant of BPALs Snake Oil.

    Out of Stock
  • Snake’s Kiss

    And truly I was afraid, I was most afraid,
    But even so, honoured still more
    That he should seek my hospitality
    From out the dark door of the secret earth.

    Snake Oil with sugar, honeycomb, and thick vanilla cream.

    Out of Stock
  • The Perfumed Garden

    Under her neck my right hand
    Has served her for a cushion,
    And to draw her to me
    I have sent out my left hand,
    Which bore her up as a bed.

    The Perfumed Garden for the Soul’s Recreation. This scent is based on a venerable Tunisian perfume that was used to excite the senses, inspire sensuality and inflame passion. Myrrh and Moroccan jasmine with apple peel, Indian sandalwood, myrtle, quince, citron, and thyme poured over soft musk.

    Out of Stock
  • Womb Furie

    In the middle of the flanks of women lies the womb, a female viscus, closely resembling an animal; for it is moved of itself hither and thither in the flanks, also upwards in a direct line to below the cartilage of the thorax and also obliquely to the right or to the left, either to the liver or spleen; and it likewise is subject to falling downwards, and, in a word, it is altogether erratic. It delights, also, in fragrant smells, and advances towards them; and it has an aversion to fetid smells, and flees from them; and on the whole the womb is like an animal within an animal.
    — Aretaeus the Cappadocian

    Oh, that wily womb! Hippocrates and his followers considered the womb a mobile creature, causing mayhem as it writhed its way through a woman’s body. Sometimes this ornery organ, due to lack of sexual activity, would create conflicts within a woman’s system or would become blocked itself, causing anxiety, nervousness, water retention, and sleeplessness. With the assistance of doctors, nursemaids, hand tools, or, occasionally, self-manipulation, this vexing condition could be alleviated through hysterical paroxysms.

    Or, as we call it nowadays: orgasm.

    An itch that needs to be scratched: Snake Oil and three types of honey.

    Out of Stock

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - Shungas

A limited edition Salon series celebrating the joy, humor, playfulness, and thrill of sexual intercourse through scent interpretations of Edo era Japanese erotic art.

This is a Limited Edition series that will run through 2 May 2018. No imp’s ears are available for this series.

While we have listed the notes of these scents for your edification and convenience, we prefer not to offer any descriptive passages for these scents.

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - For Entertainment Purposes Only

A paean to sexy mall gag gifts and Valentine’s Day tropes! Scents by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, art by Drew Rausch!

Safety precaution: THESE ARE PERFUMES! The themes are jokes and are NOT to be used for sexytime. Do not drink, do not slather on your junk, do not use in lieu of lube, don’t spray on your pubes. Don’t do anything crazy with these; they’re perfumes.

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - Une Douzaine de Roses

Si ta fraîcheur parfois nous étonne tant,
heureuse rose,
c’est qu’en toi-même, en dedans,
pétale contre pétale, tu te reposes.

Ensemble tout éveillé, dont le milieu
dort, pendant qu’innombrables se touchent
les tendresses de ce coeur silencieux
qui aboutissent à l’extrême bouche.
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Our bouquet has been split between Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post.

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - Liber Amicorum - Joannes Carolus Erlenwein

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - Liber Amicorum - Anne Wagner

In Memoriam - Lupercalia - Lupercalia 2018 - Hymn to Fortuna 2018

On doubtful wings flies the inconstant hour, nor does swift Fortuna pledge loyalty to any.

A paean to Fortuna, as we seek blessings to help us navigate the turbulent seas of the new year.

Approach strong Fortune, with propitious mind and rich abundance, to my pray’r inclin’d
Placid, and gentle Trivia, mighty nam’d, imperial Dian, born of Pluto fam’d;
Mankind’s unconquer’d, endless praise is thine, sepulch’ral, widely-wand’ring pow’r divine!
In thee, our various mortal life is found, and some from thee hi copious wealth abound;
While others mourn thy hand averse to bless, in all the bitterness of deep distress.
Be present, Goddess, to thy vot’ry kind, and give abundance with benignant mind.

  • Fortuna Annonaria

    The Fortunes of the Harvest

    A hymn for increasing fecundity, and to help nurture all the seeds that you plant in the coming year: patchouli, licorice root, tobacco, and sandalwood.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Balnearis

    The Fortunes of Health and Well-Being

    A hymn for good health and protection of the vulnerable: orange blossom honey, vanilla husk, green stem sap, and a drop of King mandarin.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Barbata

    The Fortunes of Adolescents

    A hymn to blossoming in wisdom and strength as you come of age: King mandarin and warm vegetal musk.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Belli

    The Fortunes of War

    A hymn for triumph for those who do battle, whether it be with fists, ideas, or words: frankincense and dragon’s blood resin, saffron-threaded red musk, tomato leaf, tobacco absolute and tobacco leaf, and leather accord.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Bona

    Good Fortune Incarnate

    A hymn to the successes, prosperity, good health, and blessings that are drawn to you when you possess honesty, bravery, and good character: Himalayan cedar and honey myrtle, cistus and clary sage, ambergris accord and white oudh.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Conservatrix

    The Fortunes of Those Who Protect the Defenseless

    A hymn to give strength and good luck to those who safeguard others: black peppercorn, bitter almond, patchouli, and benzoin.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Dubia

    Perilous Fortune

    A hymn to avert misfortune and danger: honey infused with protective herbs and hope preserved in pale amber.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Felix

    The Joys of Good Fortune

    A hymn to laughter, joy, and merriment: blood orange and champaca bubbling with blonde tobacco, osmanthus, sweet clove, and vanilla.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Huiusce Diei

    The Luck of the Day

    A hymn to seizing good fortune in the moment: orange blossom and wild bergamot sweetened with apricot.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Liberum

    The Fortunes of Children

    A hymn to the safety and freedom of children that they may prosper in health and wild joy: sweet vanilla tousled with orange blossom, blood orange peel, and a squirt of strawberry juice.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Mala

    Fickle Fortune

    A hymn to propitiate the gods of misfortune and honor the balance of forces in the universe: vetiver, patchouli, and black clove.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Muliebris

    The Fortunes of Women

    A hymn for stability, health, strength, and fecundity: French lavender, white pear, and patchouli with clary sage, white tea, and sandalwood.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Obsequens

    The Fortunes of Love and Beauty

    A hymn to romance and glamour, passion and virility, seduction and delight: red roses and blood musk enveloped in a haze of blackcurrant, red patchouli, leather accord, and black oudh.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Populi Romani

    The Fortunes of the People

    A hymn to the fortunes of your community, the blessings of civic duty, and the strength of many voices becoming one.

    Smoked vanilla sandalwood and leather, golden oudh, ambrette seed, caramelized patchouli, a single thread of saffron, and a sprig of crushed juniper.

    Proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Fortuna Ropuli Romani benefit the ACLU, who helps to ensure that the voice of the people is uncensored, unsilenced, and heard.

    Out of Stock
  • Protected: Fortuna Praecantatrix

    A Witches’ Luck

    The fortune of a nasty woman: patchouli and pomegranate rind with vetiver, red oudh, tonka bean, green cognac, and honey.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Primigenia

    The Fortunes that Govern Childbearing, the Fortunes of a Child at the Moment of Their Birth

    A hymn for blessing new mothers and newborn babies: white ambrette seed, motherwort, peony, jasmine tea, green tea leaf, Italian bergamot, and white cedar.

    (If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not use this oil, and please do not use this oil on infants or toddlers. It is best used in a scent locket, or to adorn clothing or amulets.)

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Redux

    The Fortunes of Returning Home After a Perilous Journey

    A hymn for safety while travelling: tobacco jasmine.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Respiciens

    The Fortune That Changes Bad Luck to Good, Intervention in Times of Need

    A hymn for blessings: pomegranate juice, mint, and juniper berry.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Restitutrix

    The Fortunes of Warriors: She Who Restores, She Who Brings the Soldiers Home

    A hymn for the safety and good fortune for soldiers, and a prayer to bring them home: leather, sweet clove, and olive blossom.

    Out of Stock
  • Fortuna Tranquilla

    The Fortune of the Seas

    A hymn to calming life’s storms and a blessing of serenity and level-headedness: champaca blossom and jasmine with a curl of lavender.

    Out of Stock