Fatherhood 2020

I feel no greater love than what I feel for my daughter.
Every time Lilith is hurt by someone, I hurt.
Every time that someone excludes her, I cry.
Every time someone insults her, I am angry.
Lilith, I will always be here for you. I will always be ready with a hug. I will do anything for you.
Love Dad.

  • A Night in the French Quarter Perfume Oil

    As you all probably know by now, New Orleans is my favorite city, and I love that Lilith shares that love with me. I have never had my tarot cards read in Jackson Square, but Lilith begged me to let her get a reading – and you know that her every wish is my command. The reader was so sweet; she told Lilith all about where the cards say she will be in ten years and who will be important to her. As all Lilith adventures turn out, the reading morphed into more of a conversation, with my daughter talking and telling the woman all sorts of stories.

    It made my heart swell with love to know that Lilith will be happy in her life. Lilith, we promise we will always do everything we can to make sure you are safe and happy.

    It was a beautiful night in November, and this moment is one of those snapshots in time that I’ll always hold in my heart: indigo skies of bruised violet, osmanthus, French lavender, and black plum, petrichor-wet and lacquered with frankincense and red benzoin.

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  • Dragon Slide Perfume Oil

    I love my daughter so very much.

    Peppermint candies, white chocolate, and sprinklecake ice cream.

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  • Metal Twins Perfume Oil

    There is a joke that Beth makes all the time that instead of having a daughter, we just created a new best friend. Lilith is now old enough to joke with, gossip with, and just hang out with. I couldn’t ask for a better friend or daughter. There is no one in the world who means more to me than this little muffin head.

    Vanilla cake batter (she only wants the batter!) and flan.

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  • Thrills and Junk Food Perfume Oil

    There is nothing better than a dad and daughter day riding roller coasters and thrill rides, fueled by popcorn, pretzels, candy and blueberry slushies. The memories we shared that day will not be soon forgotten. I love my little mini me.

    A carb and sugar overdose: popcorn, pretzels, fruit punch, and blue cotton candy.

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  • Waiting

    There are a few places in New Orleans that we love to go eat breakfast, but this out of the way place is one of Lilith’s favorite places to get waffles. I love that Lilith still wants to spend time with us, and I will cherish every minute of it.

    Since this photo is from November of 2019, we decided to make this a pumpkin and gingerbread waffle scent washed down with coffee and hot chocolate.

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  • Walking My Daughter to Class Perfume Oil

    Every year, Beth photographs me walking hand in hand with Lilith on the first day of school, but (months ago before the pandemic hit) I wasn’t sure if this year would be different due to my daughter going to middle school: I was scared that she might feel like she is too old to walk with me.

    It made me so happy that when we started up the stairs on the first day of distance learning, she reached out and held my hand.

    Dorian-misted lavender, French oakmoss, Italian bergamot, and bourbon vanilla.

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