Fatherhood 2022

Fourteen years old?!?! Wasn’t it just last week that they started preschool and I held their hand as we walked into the building? Sometimes it can be hard to be a father because I still view Lilith as my cute little kid that would stand in front of me and demand, “Pick me up!” – but they are not that little kid anymore. Lilith is a strong, smart, beautiful young adult that is finding their way in the world.

I may miss my baby needing me as much, but they still allow me to make them pasta and tuck them in at night so maybe there’s a part of them that will always be my little kid at heart. I can feel how much Lilith loves me, and I am confident that they know that I will always be there for them.

I will cherish these moments forever, and I look forward to growing with them. I couldn’t be prouder of Lilith and I will forever love them infinity!

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