Yule Hair Gloss 2022

Ho-Ho-Hope you didn’t forget about BPAL’s special Hair Gloss formula, which we’ve finally managed to revisit after a long drought. Consider these winter blends a promise of great new things to come as we continue getting settled in our new facility! After all this, it’s astounding that we have any hair left at all to test them on.

Black Phoenix’s Hair Gloss is paraben and sulfate free, and contains no petro-chemicals, no GMOs, and no triclosan.
Our Hair Gloss products have a six-month shelf life.
Handmade by Black Phoenix. As always, no animals were harmed during the creation of this product, and all products were tested on friends and family.
Please exercise common sense when using our Hair Gloss: do not eat, do not snort, do not drink, do not pour into eyes, etc. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
Contains cyclomethicone, botanisil, Vitamin E, argan oil, Tahitian monoi oil, camelina oil, and karanja oil.
Moose-smooch illustration by Edmund Dulac.

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