Smutty Hair Gloss

A paean to porn.

  • Le Coucher de la Mariee Hair Gloss

    Believed to be the first pornographic film, Le Coucher de la Mariée was first screened in Paris in 1896. Billowing white clouds of sugared vanilla chypre.

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  • Peep Show Hair Gloss

    Neon strawberry, pink peppercorn, viscous white honey amber, and a smear of Brazilian vetiver.

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  • Smokers Hair Gloss

    Stag films – or smokers – are pornographic shorts of the early-to-mid 20th century that were created clandestinely and anonymously by amateur actors in order to circumvent censorship laws. A flicker of black pepper crackling over a celluloid stream of white musk, elemi, bay laurel, tobacco leaf, ambergris accord, and vanilla husk.

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  • Smut Hair Gloss

    Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes.

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  • X Hair Gloss

    Velvet red roses, bourbon tobacco, and smoked tonka.

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