Lupercalia 2022

We have not long to love.
A night. A day…

— Tennessee Williams

It seems astounding that in the very futuristic-sounding year of 2022, we’re still grappling with the same old inclinations toward eros, connecting to the sublime erotic unconscious through art, poetry, role-play, spellwork, and the occasional hookup app. We evolved as a product of primordial lust, and to lust we shall return.

However, expressions of lust are evolving just as rapidly as we are, manifesting through fresh combinations of identity, orientation, and algorithm. Despite being an experience that tends to be associated with nostalgia, love truly belongs to the future! We hunger for the transformations that love may bring, even though the lessons we learn from it haunt us to the end of our days — perhaps even after. Though at times we crave to be free from this hunger, and the demands it imposes upon us, it can be difficult to imagine who we’d be without it.

Lupercalia is a special time for us here at the Lab, an opportunity to pump some heat through these slack mid-winter veins, to pave a path toward reunion with the Sun’s warmth, the earth’s kiss. As SoCal residents we experience an abundance of springtime in February, and through the Luper release we cast these petals to the far winds. We hope you will manage to catch one and tuck it away somewhere as an investment in future fantasies.

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