New Years Creepers and Oddments Volume 2

When in the dim beginning of the years,
God mixed in man the raptures and the tears
And scattered thru his brain the starry stuff,
He said, “Behold! Yet this is not enough…”
– Edwin Markham

  • a new leaf

    A New Leaf Perfume Oil


    Let’s all turn over a new leaf –

    and be good


    Well, it’s worth a shot at least. Rose petals, gargantuan green leaves, and a splashy, fresh chypre

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  • gnome fracas

    Gnome Fracas Perfume Oil

    Wet slaps of cloudberry-clotted multekrem, fattigman crumbs, and rivulets of nisse musk.

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  • good luck good luck i say

    Good Luck! Good Luck! I Say Perfume Oil

    Good  Luck! Good Luck! I say

    Be yours this


    May 2024 bring us all good fortune, prosperity, good health, safety, peace, and mercy.


    A sugared cherry chypre with red labdanum, moss, and roasted chestnut.

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  • gossip slang and cuss words

    Gossip, Slang, and Cuss-Words Perfume Oil

    To Gossip, Slang and “Cuss-Words”

    I’ll bid a last “Adieu”

    And place a bridle on my tongue

    And thoughtless actions, too!

    Here’s to a kinder, gentler year: lavender and mallow with orris root, angelica, frosted vanilla bean, and osmanthus.

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  • party toad

    Party Toad Perfume Oil

    Holiday goals. Mushrooms and clover splashed with champagne and green musk.

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