Virtualcon - Virtualcon: Atlanta 2022

Virtualcon: Atlanta 2022

We recognize that many, many people are not quite ready to venture out into the wild world of conventioning, so this year we are offering our DragonCon scents online as well as at our booth! They will be available while supplies last or until the vending floor closes at 5pm Eastern on Monday, August 5th. If you are attending DragonCon, please visit us on the First Floor of AmericasMart!

Virtualcon - Virtualcon: Atlanta Edition 2021

Virtualcon: Atlanta Edition 2021

A Dog That Smells Like Peaches, with a Peach Tree

We’d all assumed that today would be spent putting the finishing touches on our booth for Dragon Con, figuring out which of our two-dozen crates had been lost in shipping, and sorting out last-minute cosplay emergencies.

Instead, as a safety precaution, we made the tough call to withdraw from this year’s convention, and thus have released those con-exclusive products online from the (relative) safety of home, for the duration of the con.

Meanwhile, we’ve got to do something with all the bits of free swag you’d normally get from shopping at the BPAL booth, which is currently piling up around our ears. So let it be known that while supplies last, we’ll be cramming some of that loot into every order received this weekend, starting 10am (EST) on Friday until 5pm (EST) the following Monday.

We can’t give you the air-hugs, muffled greetings, and perfume-sampling strips we were planning to dole out in person, but at least an element of the BPAL convention experience shall live on! And if you mention in the comments of your order that you’re vaccinated, we’ll do our best to throw in some of our “I’m Vaccinated” or otherwise vaccine-themed swag, which we’d prepared specifically for this convention.

As is our custom, PEACH is the theme for this con’s exclusive scents. You don’t have to order these products to get the swag, but do keep in mind that they’ll be vanishing from our site forever on Monday at 5pm. And if ever there was a time to smell weirdly like peaches, this is it. Just ask our hound, Matilda!

Please stay safe, everyone. We’re so grateful for the messages of support we received in response to the news of this change in plans. We hope to see you again in person very soon.