Acorns - Wild

  • oak moon

    Oak Moon 2023 Perfume Oil

    The century oak, rugged and gaunt,
    Holds high to-day, as he was wont
    A hundred years ago, his head,
    Hoary with snows that have vanished,
    Defiant and grim to the wind’s wild taunt.
    The hooting owl finds here a haunt,
    And feathered choristers now chaunt
    As when the century’s dawn made red
    The century oak.


    No season’s coil his heart can daunt;
    Processive years their changes vaunt,
    But, constant till the line have fled
    And mouldered in oblivion’s bed,
    He holds his own, rugged and gaunt, –
    The century oak.
    – Harvey Carson Grumbine


    Oak bark, tree sap, wild acorns, and a touch of honey.


    Art by Drew Rausch!

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