April 2020

  • Gaia’s Blessing Perfume Oil

    An oil for gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, horticulturalists, and all people who shepherd and care for the Earth. It can be used in rituals to enhance your gardening skills, increase your crop output, and protect your gardens, fields, and farms, as well as rituals honoring Earth deities and for rites to enhance grounding, stability, fecundity, patience, wisdom, and endurance. This oil can also be used in works to support environmental and climate political action.

    Patchouli root, spikenard, burgundy pitch, barley, oakmoss, rice, purple sage, white sage, and clary sage, vervain, ivy, and myrrh.

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  • Sprouting Grass Moon 2020 Perfume Oil

    Continuing with our recent themes of hope and renewal, we present Sprouting Grass Moon – a scent celebrating the emergence of the first blades of grass after a long winter.

    Spring grass, there is a dance to be danced for you.
    Come up, spring grass, if only for young feet.
    Come up, spring grass, young feet ask you.

    Smell of the young spring grass,
    You’re a mascot riding on the wind horses.
    You came to my nose and spiffed me. This is your lucky year.

    Young spring grass just after the winter,
    Shoots of the big green whisper of the year,
    Come up, if only for young feet.
    Come up, young feet ask you.

    – Carl Sandburg

    Patches of bright green grass bursting through the last snows of winter.

    The accompanying Lunacy Tee can be found here!

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  • Sprouting Grass Moon Tee


    The accompanying perfume oil can be found here!

    It is our distinct honor to continue our collaboration with the Caldecott-winning Dan Santat: Author/Illustrator on 2019’s Lunacy series, with STURGEON MOON.

    If you love children’s literature, you must pick up “Beekle,” “After the Fall,” “Drawn Together,” “Dude!,” “Sidekicks,” “Crankenstein Valentine,” or any other of Dan’s amazing books. His stories aren’t just for kids: they are moving, touching, heart-exploding stories for anyone at any age.

    The accompanying perfume oil can be found here!

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