• Ring of Light Perfume Oil

    There’s a certain Ring of light,
    Zoom Call Afternoons –
    That oppresses, like the Heft
    Of Animal Crossing Tunes –

    Okay, so it’s not my best parody poem, but you can’t deny the effort.

    Lilith is part of both an arts conservatory and a children’s chorus, and, like everything else, those programs went remote during the pandemic. As a result, Lilith has had to accumulate all manner of at-home recording equipment: mics, lights, tripods. Lilith was as good a sport about this as they could be, but I think ring lights will forever remind us of lockdown and the awkwardness of singing your heart out into a cell phone.

    A spicy, blindingly white scent: radiant pale musk, artemisia, white lavender, neroli, white pepper, and zingy white aldehydes.

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  • The Fairy Lovers Perfume Oil

    Theodor von Holst
    Pearl gardenia, artemisia, moonflower, and creamy vanilla flower with velvet rose, crimson labdanum, and moonlit amber, dancing above dewy, pale mosses.

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