• Magic Double Chunk Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfume Oil

    Testimonial from labbie Tom Bloom: “Once I bought one of these to break apart into thirds and enjoy over the course of several days while traveling. Long story short, it got all smashed into gloopy crumbs in my carry-on, and I had to eyeball the proportions. Turns out I’m not so great at measuring shattered cookie clumps, so I accidentally got higher than Christ Himself right before a screening of the terrible Slenderman movie, where I sat in the dark pretending not to have a series of rolling existential crises in a near-empty theater filled with senseless screaming. By the end I was praying for death… but the cookie was delicious!”


    A dense and melty confection, baked with skill and love by someone with the power to accidentally annihilate your weekend plans.

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