Bay Leaf

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    Boy With Goat in a Landscape Perfume Oil

    Rudolf Koller

    Grapevine and ivy, olive blossom, lavender, cypress, bay leaf, honey myrtle, Tuscany sage, and jasmine sambac.

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  • Dulle Griet Perfume Oil

    David Rychaert III

    Black oud, bay leaf, olibanum, rose smoke, cassis, green cardamom, clove bud, and black sandalwood.

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  • Hierophantes Perfume Oil

    The chief priest of the Eleusinian cult, crowned in gold and clad in purple.

    Blood red pomegranate, bay leaf, sweet fig, honey, oakmoss, and balsam.

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    Jaawi Perfume Oil

    Sweet Indonesian patchouli, red benzoin, champaca attar, French lavender, coconut husk, bay leaf, tobacco absolute, lime, and honey.

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    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats Perfume Oil

    The darkest and deathiest of black black hats: inky grey cashmere, tobacco-stained leather, and a feathery plume of bay leaf, opoponax, and sandalwood.

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    Laurel-Crowned Skull With Caesar’s Band Flyer Perfume Oil

    Evert Collier
    Bay leaf, shimmering amber, tobacco flower, golden fig, Italian cypress, silvered ambergris, and warm balsam.

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    New Beginnings Perfume Oil

    An oil of fresh starts, but not a new beginning that ignores the past. This is a catalyst for new beginnings that spring from learning from experiences, processing the past, and being able to move forward with a clear head and your eyes open. Passion flower has been added to make the process gentler, and lemon peel and acacia gum to make the process swifter.

    Includes: lemon peel, passion flower herb, birch bark, acacia gum, frankincense, bay leaf, calendula, chicory root, grains of paradise, and lemon balm.

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    Pater Populi Perfume Oil

    The foundation of a stable and just society, the keeper of tradition, the enforcer of laws:  bay leaf and olive blossom with ambrette seed, white oakmoss, petitgrain, lavender, cedar, and leather.

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  • Port-Au-Prince Perfume Oil

    Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras.

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  • Quies Perfume Oil

    We are still in the throes of the Endless March, and while hope has been renewed, so many of us are exhausted, grieving, anxious – nerves are raw from fear, we are ground down by the weight of the world.

    Quies is an oil crafted to help give you space to breathe and rest. It is an oil of peace and solace, of gentle, firm support. There is a Solar renewing aspect to Quies, but it also possesses the regenerative, healing soft-silence of Luna. Use this oil when the world is too much, the noise is too loud, and your nerves are too raw.

    Quies can be worn or used in rituals of purification, peace, comfort, or emotional support.

    This oil contains bay leaf, angelica, palo santo, frankincense, orris butter, mallow, Roman chamomile, pink lotus, hops, and cedar.

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    The Hag Perfume Oil

    The Hag is astride,
    This night for to ride;
    The Devill and shee together:
    Through thick, and through thin,
    Now out, and then in,
    Though ne’r so foule be the weather.

    A Thorn or a Burr
    She takes for a Spurre:
    With a lash of a Bramble she rides now,
    Through Brakes and through Bryars,
    O’re Ditches, and Mires,
    She followes the Spirit that guides now.

    No Beast, for his food,
    Dares now range the wood;
    But husht in his laire he lies lurking:
    While mischiefs, by these,
    On Land and on Seas,
    At noone of Night are working,

    The storme will arise,
    And trouble the skies;
    This night, and more for the wonder,
    The ghost from the Tomb
    Affrighted shall come,
    Cal’d out by the clap of the Thunder.

    Black musk, bay leaves, galangal, bourbon vetiver, blackcurrant, and rum.

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    Virgo Snowball Fight Perfume Oil

    Brian: “Our first morning in Salzburg, I wake up to the sound of something thudding against the window. I look outside, and Lilith is out in the snow throwing snowballs at our door. So, I put on all my snow gear – mittens, hat, boots, overcoat, the whole pile of stuff – as fast as I can, and I go outside and I realize this kid is in her just in her long johns and her mom’s snow boots, standing in the snow laughing. Beth comes out yelling for her to put her snow clothes on and to get out of Beth’s boots because she was getting snow in them. She gets changed, and we run around snowball fighting.

    “There’s another story – an inside joke – that if my feet get cold wherever we are, we have to go home. But I’ll save that for another time.”

    Lilith: “You can’t tell in the picture, but I’m in my jammies here under my coat and stuff. Me and Unkie had a snowball fight. We tried to build a snowman, but it very much failed. Unkie got me a lot with the snow, but I got him back!”

    A scent the color of the sun rising over Lake Fuschl: a joyful lemon ginger cologne with a touch of bay leaf and white tea.

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