Bergamot - Italian

  • falling star

    Falling Star Perfume Oil

    Witold Pruszkowski

    Incandescent, glittering musks, pearls of sweet Florentine iris, and an indigo sigh of blue cypress, Italian bergamot, pink jasmine, cistus, white amber, mimosa, and black lilies.

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  • poets hearts break so

    Poet’s Hearts Break So Perfume Oil

    Well, if my heart must break,

        Dear love, for your sake,

    It will break in music, I know;

        Poets’ hearts break so.


    But strange that I was not told,

        That the brain can hold

    In a tiny ivory cell

        God’s Heaven and Hell.

    – Oscar Wilde

    The shuddering beat of a poet’s heart ― filigree-fair, diaphanous: bourbon vanilla fougere, violet leaf, iris root, Italian bergamot, porcelain accord, and a trickle of red musk.

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  • vibrating bed

    Vibrating Motel Bed Perfume Oil

    It’ll rattle your teeth more than it rattles your junk: fizzy champagne, orange blossom absolute, Italian bergamot, and dry vanilla.

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