Berries - Wild

  • Bear Moon Perfume Oil

    The bear puts both

    arms around the tree above her

    And draws it down as

    if it were a lover

    And its chokecherries

    lips to kiss good-by,

    Then lets it snap back

    upright in the sky.

    Her next step rocks a

    boulder on the wall

    (She’s making her

    cross-country in the fall).

    Her great weight

    creaks the barbed wire in its staples

    As she flings over and

    off down through the maples,

    Leaving on one wire

    tooth a lock of hair.

    – Robert Frost


    Black-brown fur rubbed against ochre bark, shaking off the last snows of winter. A tangle of maple branches and the crunch of dry leaves. Claws dipped in raw honey, clutching honeycomb, dripping with the juice of wild berries.

    Art by Drew Rausch!

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