• Cat Churning Butter Perfume Oil

    The Rothschild Canticles, Flanders, 14th c.

    One good churn deserves another: butter, cream, and a thump of frankincense.

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  • Elimanzer Perfume Oil

    Another woman suspected of witchcraft was Helen Clark who confessed on April 11th that the devil had appeared to her in the likeness of a white dog, and that she called her familiar Elimanzer and that she fed him with milk-pottage and that he spoke to her audibly and bade her deny Christ.


    Strangely sinister frumenty: oatmeal, heavy cream, butter, salt, and a whiff of brimstone.

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  • hymn to st brigid

    Hymn to St. Brigid Perfume Oil

    Far above enthroned in glory

    Sweetest Saint of Erin’s Isle

    See thy children kneel before thee

    Turn on us a Mother’s smile.

    Sancta Mater, hear our pleading

    Faith and hope and holy love

    Sweet St. Brigid, Spouse of Jesus,

    Sent to us from Heaven above.

    Sweet St. Brigid, Erin’s children,

    Far and near o’er land and sea

    In the world and in the cloister

    Fondly turn with love to thee.

    Sancta Mater, sooth the mourner

    Shield the weary tempted soul

    Sweet St. Brigid, guide thy children

    To thy bright and happy home.


    A bounty of butter, honey, and sweet cream.

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  • slug

    Slug Perfume Oil

    A relaxed, lazy scent; slightly sebaceous and sweetly slimy: warm, buttery honey cream and dribbles of amber. May we all have at least a few gentle, sweet slug moments throughout this holiday season.


    Painted by Nagasawa Rosetsu.

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