• I Voted Button

    I Voted Button

    Elections impact so much of our daily lives, from the taxes we pay to the rights we possess. Elections determine the quality of the air that we breathe, the extent of our bodily autonomy, who can or cannot get married, whether our roads are paved, whether we have water we can drink. There is nothing in our lives that isn’t touched by politics, and for many of us the act of simply being alive is a political act.

    Sometimes it may feel like your vote doesn’t matter, but it does. If it didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be such a powerful effort to suppress the vote. Your vote is your voice; it is an opportunity to shape the world that you live in. It is a vital step in ensuring the safety, security, and health of your community, your loved ones, and yourself.

    Vote in every election, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Yeah, the Presidential elections are exciting and world-shaking, but in many ways it’s the downballot races and propositions that have a more immediate effect on your life. Vote, encourage your network to vote. If enough of us use our power for good, there is nothing that can stop us from making the world a kinder, brighter, more compassionate place for all.

    1.5″ round button, artwork by Aristotle Pramagioulis.

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