Cacao Ambrette

  • hare moon

    Hare Moon 2023 Perfume Oil

    In the black furrow of a field

    I saw an old witch-hare this night;

    And she cocked a lissome ear,

    And she eyed the moon so bright,

    And she nibbled of the green;

    And I whispered “Wh-s-st! witch-hare,”

    Away like a ghostie o’er the field

    She fled, and left the moonlight there.

    – Walter De La Mare


    A scent for the Shadow Between the Hedgerows: hay absolute, red benzoin, clove bud, brown sandalwood, balsam, hops, cardamom, German chamomile, and cacao ambrette.

    Art by Drew Rausch! 

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