Cake Batter

  • Last Day of Summer Froyo Perfume Oil

    Cake batter yogurt and gummy uh… bear-shaped candies… made of sugar, gelatin, food coloring, and other candy-related ingredients.

    My suggestion of Gummus Ursus was shot down.

    – Doc Constantine

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  • Metal Twins Perfume Oil

    There is a joke that Beth makes all the time that instead of having a daughter, we just created a new best friend. Lilith is now old enough to joke with, gossip with, and just hang out with. I couldn’t ask for a better friend or daughter. There is no one in the world who means more to me than this little muffin head.

    Vanilla cake batter (she only wants the batter!) and flan.

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  • Perfectly Normal Childhood Perfume Oil

    One night, I turned around and saw that Lilith was wearing a rubber mask and wielding an aluminum baseball bat. It wasn’t Halloween, it wasn’t anything. It was just a kid in a rubber mask with a baseball bat. I don’t even know where the mask came from.

    Sugar and spice and… an aluminum baseball bat. There was no context for her outfit, so there’s no context for this scent: spun sugar, vanilla marshmallows, cardamom, and cake batter.

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  • Rattlecans and Sliders

    Lilith has an interesting history with haunts. Ted and I were part of the Halloween crew at her elementary school for six years, Lilith assisted in terrorizing people in several mazes and haunts, and she wandered the mazes of several Midsummer Scream events. She’s wanted to go to one of the major amusement park haunts for ages, but she couldn’t get any of her friends to come with her. Last year, she finally went to Halloween Horror Nights with Kyle and Mika, and she was ecstatic.

    Strawberry soft serve, fog machine juice, and cake batter ice cream.

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  • The Joy of Fatherhood Perfume Oil

    Lilith, I will love you forever.

    A silly scent for silly people: vanilla ice cream, cake batter, gummy bears, buttercream frosting, and sprinkles.

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