Cedar - White

  • Illustration for Die Pest auf der Treppe by T.S. Kittelsen

    Die Pest auf der Treppe Perfume Oil

    T.S. Kittelsen

    A real lil’ creeper of a scent: dusty patchouli, opoponax, scorched frankincense, white cedar, black fig, raw myrrh, vanilla tar, and black peppercorn.

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    Fortuna Primigenia Perfume Oil

    The Fortunes that Govern Childbearing, the Fortunes of a Child at the Moment of Their Birth

    A hymn for blessing new mothers and newborn babies: white ambrette seed, motherwort, peony, jasmine tea, green tea leaf, Italian bergamot, and white cedar.

    (If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not use this oil, and please do not use this oil on infants or toddlers. It is best used in a scent locket, or to adorn clothing or amulets.)

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  • Hanging Johnny Perfume Oil

    They call me Hanging Johnny
    Away, boys, away!
    But I never hanged nobody
    So hang, boys, hang!

    They says I hanged my graddy
    And then I hanged my family

    They says I hanged my mother
    It is they and my brother

    I hanged a rotten liar
    But I hanged a bloody friar

    They tells I hang for money
    But hanging’s so bloody funny

    We all will hang together
    It’s all for better weather

    I’d hang to make things jolly, I’d hang all wrong and folly, we all will hang together: hemp rope, red sandalwood, and white cedar.

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    Left Atrium Perfume Oil

    A holding chamber for blood returning from the lungs: red mimosa, airy white cedar, pink grapefruit, and white amber.

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    The Horned God Perfume Oil

    Lord of the cycle of death and resurrection, he is the personification of the rhythms of order found deep in the cycles of nature. He is the embodiment of virility and male fecundity and shepherd of souls to the afterlife.

    Ash and white cedar, frankincense and acacia, holly and oak, verbena and nettle.

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