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    Bone-Fire Home & Linen Spray

    … rib cages and fire-eyed skulls stared and stuck and jutted from the flames, sputtering trace-element colors into the night, greens and yellows and blues-was flaring and crackling and burning hotly.

    Sparks of red peppercorns, blue-white eucalyptus leaf, and daemonorops draco against smoldering red amber and a copper sulfate-green licks of flame.

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  • Reminiscent Of Wires

    Reminiscent of Wires Perfume Oil

    This scent is.. uh… reminiscent of wires? My impression of what it would be like to recollect fond memories of wires? Evocative of wires?

    Pondering the wires of old: threads of copper, aluminum, steel, and silver, a bit of industrial lubricant, and frayed plastic.

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  • Shocking Affair at a Séance Perfume Oil



    VIENNA, Tuesday

    At Nagiregzhaza in Hungary, a hypnotist named Nenkeu gave a séance at the residence of a wealthy landed proprietor. The host’s daughter, Fraulien Von Salomon, acted as medium. While unconscious, she was told that she was suffering from consumption. She gave a piercing shriek and fell heavily to the ground, and all efforts to restore animation were unavailing.

    – Lincolnshire Echo, 19 September 1894

    A spectral scandal: thumping heartbeats of coppery clove and red musk abruptly silenced by a cold sliver of eucalyptus, white mint, and davana.

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    The Magician Perfume Oil

    Wood and copper mimicking life, dressed in a gentleman’s cologne. An elegant automaton wonder built to fascinate.

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