Corn Husks

  • it jittered out of the woods

    It Jittered Out of the Woods Perfume Oil

    It had done (perhaps too well) exactly what it was made to do.

    Corn husks and freshly uprooted gourds in a rustle of twigs, dead oak leaves, and a faint whiff of myrrh.

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    The Corn Spirit Perfume Oil

    The Corn Spirit is supposed to take the form of a cat, and in some places in Germany children have been warned not to go into the corn-fields because ‘The cat sits there.’ In Silesia the reaper who cuts the last corn is called the ‘Tom-cat’ and is dressed up in rye-stalks, wearing a long plaited tail.


    Rye stalks, corn husks, hay absolute, tilled soil, and German chamomile.

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