Dill Seed

  • Eleutheria Perfume Oil

    Because of the horrors of the past few years, many of us are reassessing our priorities and what we need out of our lives, while others have been confronted by painful and traumatic changes. This is a road opener for the times we live in; it is infused with the power to enable a slew of new opportunities in love, luck, money, and career, and is constructed to bring those opportunities to you in the gentlest way possible.

    Consider pairing this oil in ritual use with oils of wisdom and prudence to ensure that you are able to see the best possible outcome from the choices that the universe presents to you.

    This oil contains lemon peel, agrimony, dandelion root, hyssop, wild sage, poplar bud, bergamot, dill seed, peppermint, star anise, cinquefoil, calamus, nutmeg, lavender, cinnamon, bayberry, life everlasting, rose bud and rosehips, and abre camino leaf.

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