• Cruising Through Bedlam Perfume Oil

    This is a peculiar opportunity oil that was specifically designed to help you take advantage of the tumultuous peculiarities of these increasingly strange times. It’s an oil of good fortune and bending probability to your will – of being able to navigate the chaos that surrounds you to your benefit. It helps you see hidden forks in the crossroads and determine which paths lead to the best outcomes. It is not an oil of calming chaos or finding peace; it is an oil that acknowledges the times in which we live, and was built to help us survive and prosper in it.

    An oil for tricksters, an oil for gamblers, an oil of survival. It is an oil for David, not Goliath;

    Cruising Through Bedlam contains mace, nutmeg, cloves, mastic, lemongrass, wild bergamot, dill, caraway, peppermint, star anise, and coffee bean.

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