Eucalyptus Leaf

  • Beholder Optician Perfume Oil

    A clear, glassy scent, translucent and blushing, that will bring your world into sharp focus: eucalyptus leaf, white amber, pink bergamot, strawberry, and sheer, crystalline vanilla musk.

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  • Blacklight Reactive Grim Reaper Poster Perfume Oil

    No need to fear this lean, green, soul-harvesting machine! A voluminous cloak of glossy black patchouli, scorched cedar, gleaming leather, inky musk, charcoal, black champaca petals, and cannabis accord with a scythe-sharp slash of eucalyptus leaf.

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  • Hell is Empty And All The Devils Are Here Perfume Oil

    After not having left our cocoon in ages, we finally emerged for Independent Shakespeare Company’s production of The Tempest in Griffith Park.


    Griffith Park in the summertime: white sage and California live oak, sumac, walnut, and wild lilac, eucalyptus leaf, blue elderberry, California bush sunflower, century plant, California buckwheat, and sagebrush.

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    Ooyogari No Koe Home & Linen Spray

    Aloe, bamboo reeds, ti leaf, lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, and sea salt.

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    Psionicist Perfume Oil

    A blast of mental energy: electric white mint, eucalyptus leaf, white frankincense, and blue-white musk.

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  • Psnake Oil Perfume Oil

    I botched this about two years ago, and it’s been sitting on my desk ever since. I didn’t realize that there was Snake Oil in a bottle when I blended Psionicist into it, so…. there you go. This is lightly aged Snake Oil plus electric white mint, eucalyptus leaf, white frankincense, and blue-white musk.

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  • skull with shell, books, and a crumple of blush pink and night blue silk

    Skull With Shell, Books, and a Crumple of Blush-Pink and Night-Blue Silk Perfume Oil

    Harmen Steenwijck
    Creamy yellowed paper, pink tuberose, star jasmine, and blue cypress with incense, eucalyptus leaf, and iridescent sap.

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    Super Spies Perfume Oil

    Ted: “This is in the Spy Museum of Berlin and believe me, it is full of spy stuff. There was a game of trying to sneak under and over lasers and here is an infrared image of me attempting it. It is hard to concentrate and be sneaky when a 9 year old is laughing and yelling behind you that the lasers are going to get you.”

    Pulses of infrared: red musk and electric bergamot with eucalyptus leaf, white pepper, lime, and lemon peel.

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  • The Cold Earth Slept Below Perfume Oil

    The cold earth slept below;
    Above the cold sky shone;
    And all around,
    With a chilling sound,
    From caves of ice and fields of snow
    The breath of night like death did flow
    Beneath the sinking moon.

    The wintry hedge was black;
    The green grass was not seen;
    The birds did rest
    On the bare thorn’s breast,
    Whose roots, beside the pathway track,
    Had bound their folds o’er many a crack
    Which the frost had made between.

    Thine eyes glow’d in the glare
    Of the moon’s dying light;
    As a fen-fire’s beam
    On a sluggish stream
    Gleams dimly—so the moon shone there,
    And it yellow’d the strings of thy tangled hair,
    That shook in the wind of night.

    The moon made thy lips pale, beloved;
    The wind made thy bosom chill;
    The night did shed
    On thy dear head
    Its frozen dew, and thou didst lie
    Where the bitter breath of the naked sky
    Might visit thee at will.

    – Percy Bysshe Shelley

    The bitter breath of the naked sky, the moon’s dying light: night-blooming flowers, white lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, iced coconut meat, and orris root.

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  • the race track

    The Race Track Perfume Oil

    Albert Pinkham Ryder


    Serpentine oakmoss, spectral eucalyptus leaf, white sandalwood, packed mud, and scythe-sharp white musk.

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  • Label art that reads To a Dead Friend

    To A Dead Friend Perfume Oil

    The moon still sends its mellow light
    Through the purple blackness of the night;
    The morning star is palely bright
    Before the dawn.

    The sun still shines just as before;
    The rose still grows beside my door,
    But you have gone.

    The sky is blue and the robin sings;
    The butterflies dance on rainbow wings
    Though I am sad.

    In all the earth no joy can be;
    Happiness comes no more to me,
    For you are dead.

    – Langston Hughes

    A night-black cloak of wild plum and indigo musk twinkling with starry eucalyptus leaf and white amber. The petals of a faded rose, amber-touched. Wildflower honey drifting on butterfly wings.

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  • Virgo Side-Eye Perfume Oil

    What happens when a Libra father tries to sneak a photo of his lovely child on the train? Death by Virgo Side Eye!

    A scent as sharp as Lilith’s glare: ice-cold lavender with lemon peel, davana, elemi, and eucalyptus leaf.

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