Fatherhood 2021

  • A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery Perfume Oil

    Beth has countless photos of me and Lilith walking arm in arm through cemeteries now. We spent so many days during the pandemic just wandering around the graves together.

    Lilith’s lavender and my Dorian on a rambling walk through soft, sweet grass, cypress trees, piles of maple leaves, and bright bouquets of lilies and roses.

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  • Bridge Trolls Perfume Oil

    Lilith and I think that living under a bridge is way too dirty, so we just hang around the bridge and bother folks that pass our way.

    BPAL’s Troll perfume (vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, black basil, clove smoke, and scorched cumin) with a squirt of Lilith’s lovely lavender and my signature Dorian.

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  • Graveyard Guessing Game Perfume Oil

    Last summer–when sitting in the house all day would get to be too much we would venture out to Forest Lawn and walk among the tombstones. The cemetery was a great place to get some sun and fresh air without having to worry about wearing a mask. Lilith and I started a game where we would make up stories about how the people died. This guy got squished by a falling piano! That guy got impaled by a harmonica. That guy…

    A white tea fougere with lavender frankincense, marble-white sandalwood, white carnation, and sweet hay.

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  • Lavender Lightning Perfume Oil

    We had an incredible storm one night late in 2020. It was almost New Year’s Eve and the strength of that storm made us wonder what that foretold for the new year. The lightning was so intense and so bright that it seemed like dawn at midnight.

    A scent like lavender lightning: cold, sharp, and booming with ozone.

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  • Skate Punks Perfume Oil

    This photo was taken on Lilith’s first day back at the skate park since lockdown hit. Here, they are showing me the proper way to put on elbow pads while explaining TikTok to me.

    Crabgrass, dandelion sap, white clover, purslane, and soil unsettled by skateboard wheels.

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  • The Joy of Fatherhood Perfume Oil

    Lilith, I will love you forever.

    A silly scent for silly people: vanilla ice cream, cake batter, gummy bears, buttercream frosting, and sprinkles.

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  • Virgo Side-Eye Perfume Oil

    What happens when a Libra father tries to sneak a photo of his lovely child on the train? Death by Virgo Side Eye!

    A scent as sharp as Lilith’s glare: ice-cold lavender with lemon peel, davana, elemi, and eucalyptus leaf.

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