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    Lola Lee Loo Perfume Oil

    It’s been a very rough year for one of the BPAL family pups, Lola. Lola is the sweet baby of Jacquelynn, BPAL’s beloved general manager.

    Lola was diagnosed with diabetes just after her 13th birthday, which was on February 1st. In Jacquelynn’s own words:

    “She had been going to the vet every two weeks for glucose curves trying to find the right amount of insulin (I was super scared not knowing what to expect), but we found the right dosage finally. In the middle of that we had an acute pancreatitis flare up (we’ve been dealing with those since she was 5. . . no high-fat foods for her!), but with the diabetes it was more complicated food-wise. But she didn’t get better, and I thought that was the end. Lola would look through me. I slept on the hardwood floor with her for 3 days just in case she passed away while I was sleeping. That’s when my friend recommended an acupuncturist that brought her dog back to life with a new diet, acupuncture, & herbs. Now I make all her food from scratch. Which is hilarious because I don’t cook, not even for myself! The day before 4th of July as we walked into BPAL Lola crashed into Ted’s dog, Zoe, in the front room. I didn’t think anything of it because Zoe matches the hardwood, but that night she ran into me full force & all of 4th of July weekend she was walking into walls at my Mom’s house. She even fell into the pool. We went back to the vet to see and he said her blue eye has no vision and her brown has some. I’ve been trying to see how things go with her being blind. It’s definitely heart breaking to see her independence striped away from her in an instant. She hasn’t given up, but she has days of weird constant circles in the backyard & full force wall head butts. We have a list of specialists we need to see now in order to make her life more comfortable.”

    Proceeds from the sale of this scent will help offset Lola’s medical bills. Please help us help one of our own. The name is a play off of Gertrude McFuzz’s foil – the fancy young birdie, Lolla-Lee-Lou – and has been a nickname we’ve used for Lola since forever.

    To contribute directly to Lola’s GoFundMe, click here.

    Toasted vanilla cream, smoky white fig, rice flower, and a drop of clove and patchouli.

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  • Precious Beauty Perfume Oil

    Sweet cream, white fig, sugar cane, honey, vanilla silk, sugared oats, and almond cakes.

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