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    13 Perfume Oil

    13 is significant, whether you consider it lucky, unlucky or just plain odd. Many believe it to be unfortunate…

    …because there were 13 present at the Last Supper.
    …Loki crashed a party of 12 at Valhalla, which ended in Baldur’s death.
    …Oinomaos killed 13 of Hippodamia’s suitors before Pelops finally, in his own shady way, defeated the jealous king.
    …In ancient Rome, Hecate’s witches gathered in groups of 12, the Goddess herself being the 13th in the coven.

    Concern over the number thirteen echoes back beyond the Christian era. Line 13 was omitted form the Code of Hammurabi.

    The shivers over Friday the 13th also have some interesting origins:

    …Christ was allegedly crucified on Friday the 13th.
    …On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrests of Jaques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and sixty of his senior knights.
    …In British custom, hangings were held on Fridays, and there were 13 steps on the gallows leading to the noose.

    To combat the superstition, Robert Ingersoll and the Thirteen Club held thirteen-men dinners during the 19th Century. Successful? Hardly. The number still invokes trepidation to this day. A recent whimsical little serial killer study showed that the following murderers all have names that total thirteen letters:

    Theodore Bundy
    Jeffrey Dahmer
    Albert De Salvo
    John Wayne Gacy

    And, with a little stretch of the imagination, you can also fit “Jack the Ripper” and “Charles Manson” into that equation.

    More current-era paranoia: modern schoolchildren stop their memorization of the multiplication tables at 12. There were 13 Plutonium slugs in the atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. Apollo 13 wasn’t exactly the most successful space mission. All of these are things that modern triskaidekaphobes point to when justifying their fears.

    For some, 13 is an extremely fortuitous and auspicious number…

    …In Jewish tradition, God has 13 Attributes of Mercy. Also, there were 13 tribes of Israel, 13 principles of Jewish faith, and 13 is considered the age of maturity.
    …The ancient Egyptians believed that there were 12 stages of spiritual achievement in this lifetime, and a 13th beyond death.
    …The word for thirteen, in Chinese, sounds much like the word which means “must be alive”.

    Thirteen, whether you love it or loathe it, is a pretty cool number all around.

    …In some theories of relativity, there are 13 dimensions.
    …It is a prime number, lucky number, star number, Wilson Prime, and Fibonacci number.
    …There are 13 Archimedean solids.

    …There were 13 original colonies when the United States were founded.

    Says a lot about the US, doesn’t it?

    This version of 13 is a departure from our usual theming for this ongoing project. So many of us are going through so much right now; it seems right to make an oil that contains 13 herbs, flowers, and resins of peace, tranquility, and grounding: lavender, litsea cubeba, sandalwood, ylang ylang, king mandarin, patchouli, blue tansy, Roman chamomile, bergamot, Oman frankincense, angelica, hops, and borage.

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    Ante Luciferum Genitus Beard Oil

    A radiant waft of incense: Oman frankincense, myrrh, ambrette seed, tobacco leaf, and red sandalwood.

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  • bruised omens

    Bruised Omens Perfume Oil

    Hey, ouch! A violet, black lilac, and ruby musk contusion swelling over a prophetic incense of gum mastic and Oman frankincense.

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  • Con El Dolor de la Mortal Herida Perfume Oil

    Con el dolor de la mortal herida,
    de un agravio de amor me lamentaba;
    y por ver si la muerte se llegaba,
    procuraba que fuese más crecida.

    Toda en el mal el alma divertida,
    pena por pena su dolor sumaba,
    y en cada circunstancia ponderaba
    quesobrabanmil muertes a una vida.

    Y cuando, al golpe de uno y otro tiro,
    rendido el corazón daba penoso
    señas de dar el último suspiro,

    no sé con qué destino prodigioso
    volví en mi acuerdo y dije:—¿Qué me admiro?
    ¿Quién en amor ha sido más dichoso?

    – – –

    Love opened a mortal wound.
    In agony, I worked the blade
    to make it deeper. Please,
    I begged, let death come quick.

    Wild, distracted, sick,
    I counted, counted
    all the ways love hurt me.
    One life, I thought ― a thousand deaths.

    Blow after blow, my heart
    couldn’t survive this beating.
    Then ― how can I explain it?

    I came to my senses. I said,
    Why do I suffer? What lover
    ever had so much pleasure?
    – Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, translation by Joan Larkin and Jaime Manrique

    Heady red roses and white sandalwood pierced by Oman frankincense.

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  • Death Moon Perfume Oil

    Do not stand

    By my grave, and weep.

    I am not there,

    I do not sleep—

    I am the thousand

    winds that blow

    I am the diamond

    glints in snow

    I am the sunlight on

    ripened grain,

    I am the gentle,

    autumn rain.

    As you awake with

    morning’s hush,

    I am the swift,

    up-flinging rush

    Of quiet birds in

    circling flight,

    I am the day

    transcending night.

    Do not stand

    By my grave, and cry—

    I am not there,

    I did not die.

    – Clare Harner


    Eternity: Oman frankincense, white sandalwood, palo santo, white copal, cypress leaf, angelica root, helichrysum, and Bulgarian rose absolute.

    Art by Drew Rausch!

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  • Malinconia Perfume Oil

    Domenico Fetti

    The thief of joy: Oman frankincense, fossilized amber, white patchouli, champaca orchid, ambergris accord, myrrh resin, violet leaf, orris root, age-stained paper, chrysanthemum, and pale tendrils of smoke.

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  • Mary Magdalene Perfume Oil

    Jan Boeckhorst


    Oman frankincense, balsam ointment, ambrette seed, red oud, and golden sandalwood.

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  • Oblivion Railroad Label

    Oblivion Railroad Perfume Oil

    Yeet 2022’s sorrows into the void: blackened lavender, red labdanum, opoponax, Oman frankincense, champaca orchid, sweet aged patchouli, and tobacco absolute.

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  • The Crossed Keys Perfume Oil

    I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    The crossed keys at the Hierophant’s feet represent the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds and the unlocking of mysteries, which only he can teach. They are the Keys to Heaven, the Keys of St. Peter, and they hold all the power of binding and loosing.

    Sweet myrrh, Oman frankincense, gum acacia, and white sandalwood.

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    The Magus Perfume Oil

    The Sorcerer, the Cunning-Man, the Sage. He is the Kerux, Initiator and Psychopomp, the Divine Messenger who leads neophytes on their paths through the Mysteries and shepherds the souls to the underworld.

    Honey absolute, Oman frankincense, and asphodel.

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  • The Queen and the Page Perfume Oil

    Marianne Stokes

    Orris root and white sandalwood, amber silk, Oman frankincense, pine needles, and velvet mosses.

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  • The Wish Perfume Oil

    The Wish, Theodor Von Holst, 1840
    “I’ve always wanted to know what wishes are longed for in the dark-eyed gaze of this intense young woman. Myself, I simply wish to rifle through the box of baubles and jewels in the bottom right of the canvas. Maybe help myself to that pearl-tipped hat-pin.”

    An incense of candied smoked fruits, Oman frankincense, red oud, labdanum absolute, sheer vanilla, patchouli, red musk seed, osmanthus, and datura accord.

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  • Sheet Ghost

    Traditional Sheet Ghost Perfume Oil

    Immaculate. Economical. Institutional. The gold standard of the hospitality industry, a perfect blank canvas to color with our darkest dreams, our filthiest fantasies. The “little black dress” of the Halloween jetset, this holiday standard has become even more iconic with age thanks to innumerable film and TV appearances. Long may she wave!

    Cool white cotton, marshmallow fluff, and lemony Oman frankincense.

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