Grasses - Wild

  • Painting of a man in a field caring for a flock of turkeys

    Autumn Landscape with a Flock of Turkeys Perfume Oil

    Jean-Francois Millet


    Hay, wild grasses, bleached pine wood, a flutter of dry leaves, soil-stained linen, mossy stones, patchouli root, wattle-red musk, and a snood of fleshy red sandalwood.

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  • Cottage Garden Perfume Oil

    Gustav Klimt
    Electric poppies, gerbera daisies, gladiolas, anemone, blue bells, sweet pea, and dahlias clustered with twining green vines, red mandarin peel, soft mosses, and crushed wild grasses.

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  • Meadow Elves

    Meadow Elves Perfume Oil

    Nils Blommér

    A vision of wild grasses and ancient oaks, wild strawberries, Baltic amber, lily of the valley, black hellebore accord, twinflower petals, crushed heather, leaf sap, red currant, crab apples, and diaphanous, sheer lilac musk.

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