Honey Absolute

  • Rose-Tinted Mirror Perfume Oil

    You are so beautiful. You really are, but it might be hard to remember that right now while we’re all slogging through the mire of the pandemic, the lockdown, and this melancholy isolation.

    Rose-Tinted Mirror is a gentle little pick me up that will help remind you of all that’s radiant about you, inside and out. There’s a sensual aspect that will assist in reconnecting you with the joys of your own body, and a heart-healing aspect that will assist you in pushing through your anxiety, grief, or fear so that you can open yourself up more freely to joy again. You are beautiful, you deserve happiness.

    Rose otto, red benzoin, mallow, amber resinoid, CO2 extract of orris root, balm of gilead, frankincense, honey absolute, and violet leaf. Please note: this oil contains honey and is not vegan.

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    Sweets to the Sweet Perfume Oil

    One sight did catch her attention however. Scrawled on the paving stones she was walking over—and all but erased by rain and the passage of feet—the same phrase she'd seen in the bedroom of number 14: “Sweets to the sweet.” The words were so benign; why did she seem to sense menace in them? Was it in their excess, perhaps, in the sheer overabundance of sugar upon sugar, honey upon honey?

    Sugar upon sugar, honey upon honey: white cane sugar and honey absolute.

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    The Magus Perfume Oil

    The Sorcerer, the Cunning-Man, the Sage. He is the Kerux, Initiator and Psychopomp, the Divine Messenger who leads neophytes on their paths through the Mysteries and shepherds the souls to the underworld.

    Honey absolute, Oman frankincense, and asphodel.

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  • Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto Perfume Oil

    A love oil built to foster kindness and serenity that enables you to better cultivate compassion, gentleness, and empathy while drawing forth the compassion, gentleness, and empathy of those around you. This oil soothes nerves, irritation, and anxiety, fosters peace, and sweetens friendships.


    This oil contains three rose absolutes, honey absolute, carnation, strawberry fruit compound, sweet orange, angelica root, motherwort, lavender bud, red sandalwood, and benzoin.

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