Incense Smoke

  • batty cathedral

    Batty Cathedral Perfume Oil

    Leathery wings flapping through billows of incense smoke.

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    In the Maze of Branches, the Pale Figure Appeared Perfume Oil

    Odilon Redon

    Haitian vetiver, green cardamom, Himalayan cedar, iris pallida, pine pitch, oak galls, and incense smoke.

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  • lich please

    Lich, Please Beard Oil

    Even the undead need to look sharp. Crypt moss and coffin wood, incense smoke and shards of bone.

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    Stormclouds Over the Midway Perfume Oil

    In your smoke-addled confusion, the Midway seems strangely empty and devoid of life. The tents that line the path appear distorted, out of proportion, and cartoonish, their angles arching menacingly.

    For a moment, the only sound you hear is the soft squelch of your boots on the damp ground. As your eyes adjust, the tents right themselves, the sounds of the Midway swirl around you, and you feel the press of the crowd against your body. The Calliope’s eerie drone lilts above the swelling chatter.

    Wine-colored storm clouds are gathering, and the scent of incense and ozone is thick in the wet air.

    Thunder-charged ozone, plum-colored incense smoke, opium tar, and wormwood.

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  • the black torches

    The Black Torches Perfume Oil

    Odilon Redon

    Long shadows of raw myrrh, pine pitch, and incense smoke streaked against dry amber, yellow frankincense, and vanilla balsam.

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  • voyeur

    Voyeur Perfume Oil

    Honeyed labdanum, neroli, vanilla husk, night blooming jasmine, pink rose petals, and pale threads of incense smoke.

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  • witch in the woods

    Witch in the Woods Perfume Oil

    The incantation had worked: suddenly there were holes of light punched in the darkness all around them.

    A tangle of blackthorn, mandrake root, and myrrh scratching through cypress boughs, blackberry resin, and incense smoke.

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  • witch milk

    Witch Milk Perfume Oil

    Honey-infused goat milk, incense smoke, yew boughs, black pepper, mandrake root, ambrette seed, red currant, kitchen herbs, and fly agaric accord.

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