Musk - Indigo

  • batty maiden

    Batty Maiden Perfume Oil

    White tea, black carnation, Damask rose, indigo musk, and leather.

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  • no longer can i resist

    No Longer Can I Resist Perfume Oil

    Indigo and crimson vegetal musks, sweet red oud, sandalwood incense, narcissus petals, orris butter, golden bergamot, ambrette seed, and black fig.

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  • strawberry moon

    Strawberry Moon 2024 Perfume Oil

    “We must not look at goblin men,
    We must not buy their fruits:
    Who knows upon what soil they fed
    Their hungry thirsty roots?”
    “Come buy,” call the goblins
    Hobbling down the glen.
    – Christina Rossetti


    A dark and dreary fragrance, honeyed yet ominous, hovering in sweet shadows: overripe strawberries and bloody smears of red currant hovering in a gloom of indigo musk, black tea, plum incense tears, champaca, cacao, and hazy laudanum accord.


    Art by Drew Rausch!

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    The Night-Raven Perfume Oil

    “You are invited to the elf hill for this evening,” said she; “but will you do me a great favor and undertake the invitations? you ought to do something, for you have no housekeeping to attend to as I have. We are going to have some very grand people, conjurors, who have always something to say; and therefore the old elf king wishes to make a great display…”

    “Croak,” said the night-raven as he flew away with the invitations.

    Indigo musk, wild plum, rose geranium, benzoin, night-blooming jasmine, and patchouli.

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