• Cake Pop Wreath Perfume Oil

    Hera advised us to include this one, in hopes of our fundraiser appealing to as many tastes as possible. Work hard, play hard, cake pop! Spheres of faintly lemony olive oil cake, coated in vanilla frosting and crowned with a scattering of rainbow sprinkles.

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    Laurel Wreath Perfume Oil

    Crown of Apollo, instrument of Pythian divination, symbol of higher learning: bay laurel and calamus gilded with fossilized amber.

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    Marble Wreath Perfume Oil

    Fear not, for even judgments which seem written in stone will succumb to the passage of time, softened by persistent exposure to the tireless elements, gradually ceding ground to monuments of the new age. A memorial garland of white sandalwood streaked with lapsang souchong, chilled vanilla, and benzoin.

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    Olive Wreath Perfume Oil

    The prize historically awarded to victors in the ancient Olympic games: an anointed circlet of leafy branches cut from the sacred wild-olive tree near the temple of Zeus.

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