Labdanum - Sweet

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    Black Putrescence Perfume Oil

    A vivacious squirt of decay: viscous blackcurrant juice and pomegranate rind with sweet labdanum, rose attar, and a thin splat of motor oil.

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  • Hearts Are Not Had As A Gift But Hearts Are Earned Perfume Oil

    When you’re a Virgo with five planets in Libra and it shows: red rose petals, bourbon vanilla, deeply rooted patchouli, sweet labdanum, and pepperberry.

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  • Intricate Entanglements Perfume Oil

    Mandarin and orris root with bourbon vanilla, ylang ylang, benzoin pearls, and sweet labdanum.

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  • The Disciples Perfume Oil

    The Disciples look to the Hierophant for guidance, support, advice, and instruction, though within themselves they contain the Sun and Moon, the White King and Red Queen, and all who seek enlightenment through union.

    White and red rose petals, sweet labdanum, vanilla bean, prune, red sandalwood, and orange blossom.

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  • The Witch/Strega Perfume Oil

    The Witch/Strega, Angelo Caroselli, 17th Century
    “Look at this witch’s face! You know she’s going to be a cutting-clever one, uttering snarky-sneaky observations that make you both gasp and splutter with repressed laughter about mutuals you can’t stand. I want to be her Facebook friend. She’d be a scream in a Netflix watch party.”

    Leatherbound tomes and rose cream, flickering flames of twin ambers, and a cascade of shadows: black oud, teakwood, black beeswax, 13-year aged patchouli, cinnabar, balsam, sweet labdanum, tonka bean, and smoke.

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