Lily - White

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    Arcus Aortae Pefume Oil

    Ascending and descending: a cascade of white lily and osmanthus with flutters of red musk.

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  • Sister Death Perfume Oil

    My sister Death! I pray thee come to me

     Of thy sweet charity,

    And be my nurse but for a little while;

     I will indeed lie still,

    And not detain thee long, when once is spread,

     Beneath the yew, my bed:

    I will not ask for lilies or for roses;

     But when the evening closes,

    Just take from any brook a single knot

     Of pale Forget-me-not,

    And lay them in my hand, until I wake,

     For his dear sake;

    (For should he ever pass and by me stand,

     He yet might understand—)

    Then heal the passion and the fever

     With one cool kiss, for ever.

    – Digby Mackworth Dolben

    A sorrowful white lily fougere shadowed by yew branches.

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    Whole Unto Herself Perfume Oil

    Life imposes so many restrictions on us as we climb through the years: responsibilities, challenges, hardship. Lilith, my baby, may you soar through it with exuberance and grace. Never lose your joy and your sense of self, the triumph of daily pleasures, and the freedom of your soul. May the sorrows of the world never calcify around you; may the sorrows of the world never dim your light or silence your song.

    A prayer for my daughter: frankincense, rose, and white lilies.

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