Magnolia Blossom

  • Insatiable Woman Perfume Oil

    Lemon blossom and spearmint with muguet, cedarwood, amber musk, yellow bergamot, and magnolia blossoms.

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  • Label image for Menage a Trois oil featuring Edo-era art

    The Snipe’s Beak Trapped in a Clam Shell Perfume Oil

    Gossamer vanilla, ylang ylang, magnolia blossom, tuberose, ambrette seed, white moss, and white patchouli.

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  • White Rose Perfume Oil

    An oil of peace, harmony, and reconciliation – a ceasefire, an oil of amity, a blend that restores harmony and nullifies household discord. We’re all in this together – and in many cases, really REALLY together – and this oil was crafted to help make that stay-at-home-in-your-face togetherness as peaceful and sweet as possible.

    This oil contains three types of rose essential oil, rose petals from the TAL garden, borage, motherwort, passion flower, lavender, sumac berries, coriander, and magnolia blossoms.

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  • Why And What Art Thou Dreaming Here label

    Why and What Art Thou Dreaming Here Perfume Oil

    Oh, lady dear, hast thou no fear?
    Why and what art thou dreaming here?
    Sure thou art come o’er far-off seas,
    A wonder to these garden trees!

    Thorny blackberry, blackened lavender, datura, and bulbous magnolia blossoms.

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