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    Blood for Cat Perfume Oil

    Bad kitty: golden amber, black cherry, tonka bean, sweet red musk, dried mango pulp, rooibos tea, red currant, and bitter almond.

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  • Bobbing for Dodos Perfume Oil

    Pink lady apples with pink and red musks, lemon peel, sugar cane, cassia, white sandalwood, mango, and agarwood.

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    Dodo Perfume Oil

    ‘In that case,’ said the Dodo solemnly, rising to its feet, ‘I move that the meeting adjourn, for the immediate adoption of more energetic remedies –’

    ‘Speak English!’ said the Eaglet. ‘I don’t know the meaning of half those long words, and, what’s more, I don’t believe you do either!’ And the Eaglet bent down its head to hide a smile: some of the other birds tittered audibly.

    ‘What I was going to say,’ said the Dodo in an offended tone, ‘was, that the best thing to get us dry would be a Caucus-race.’

    ‘What is a Caucus-race?’ said Alice; not that she wanted much to know, but the Dodo had paused as if it thought that somebody ought to speak, and no one else seemed inclined to say anything.

    ‘Why,’ said the Dodo, ‘the best way to explain it is to do it.’ (And, as you might like to try the thing yourself, some winter day, I will tell you how the Dodo managed it.)

    First it marked out a race-course, in a sort of circle, (‘the exact shape doesn’t matter,’ it said,) and then all the party were placed along the course, here and there. There was no ‘One, two, three, and away,’ but they began running when they liked, and left off when they liked, so that it was not easy to know when the race was over. However, when they had been running half an hour or so, and were quite dry again, the Dodo suddenly called out ‘The race is over!’ and they all crowded round it, panting, and asking, ‘But who has won?’

    This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead (the position in which you usually see Shakespeare, in the pictures of him), while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, ‘everybody has won, and all must have prizes.’

    Red musk, lemon peel, sugar cane, cassia, white sandalwood, mango, and agarwood.

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  • Erotic Drops of Flower Petals Hair Gloss

    Sweet honeyed patchouli, ambrette seed, King mandarin, and mango cream.

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  • Gentle Hands Perfume Oil

    Amber-laced mango cream.

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  • great embalming dodo

    Great Embalming Dodo Perfume Oil

    The official oath of the Anthropocene epoch! BPAL’s Embalming Fluid concoction splashed over mango, pink pineapple, coconut, and lime.

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  • Little Yellow Ducklings Perfume Oil

    Buttery sandalwood, lemon flowers, frankincense, wildflower honey, pineapple, yellow mandarin, and mango.

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  • label that says peach glazed donut with mango chunks
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    Scent Boom Perfume Oil

    A clamorous cacophony of obstreperous, rowdy smells: blood orange, lemon peel, sugar syrup, tangerine, pink peppercorn, tuberose, mango, melon, white tea, and gunpowder detonated by napalm accord and a bombastic, fiery scarlet musk.

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    Tuberose and Mango Perfume Oil

    Sweet and strangely sensual.

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