Milk - Goat

  • ghost milk

    Ghost Milk Perfume Oil

    Goat’s milk, marshmallow, vanilla cashmere, honey dust, and white chocolate.

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    White Larry Perfume Oil

    Honestly, I don’t even know how this started. It’s an old joke between me and my friend Jennifer Larochelle. Some time after the VVitch came out, we decided that there’s this goat… White Larry… that is Black Phillip’s embarrassing cousin. Every family has got one; that one relative that just isn’t quite diabolical enough, the one that makes Sabbats just kinda awkward.

    This is the scent of a not-quite-Satanic goat – though he tries! – who does like the taste of butter, probably too much.

    Proceeds from the sale of this scent will benefit the Humane Society of Ventura County to assist in their efforts to help animals affected by the Hill and Woolsey fires.

    Goat’s milk, buttermilk, and butter. Lots of butter.

    Please note: this perfume is not vegan, as it contains butter CO2 extract.

    Art by Drew Rausch!

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  • witch milk

    Witch Milk Perfume Oil

    Honey-infused goat milk, incense smoke, yew boughs, black pepper, mandrake root, ambrette seed, red currant, kitchen herbs, and fly agaric accord.

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