Musk - Grey

  • A Moonlit Winter Landscape Perfume Oil

    Remigius Adrianus Haanen

    Smoky grey amber, frost-black oak, snow-covered soil, Tuscan iris, storm-grey musk, fenugreek, linden blossom, and benzoin.

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    Innocent Souls Turned Carrion Birds Perfume Oil

    Then poets forgot their jeweled words
    And cut the sky with glittering swords;
    And innocent souls turned carrion birds
    To perch upon the dead.

    Grey musk, grey sandalwood, and labdanum.

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  • Perfume label text reads THE LOVE OF BARE NOVEMBER DAYS

    The Love of Bare November Days Perfume Oil

    Not yesterday I learned to know

      The love of bare November days

    Before the coming of the snow,

    But it were vain to tell her so,

      And they are better for her praise.


    Black cypress, ink-black musk, oud, beech bark, labdanum, and peru balsam against a backdrop of pale grey musk. The first flurries of snow shiver in the distance.

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