• Mx Nobody 2024

    Mx. Nobody Perfume Oil

    2024 will mark The Nobodies’ seventh annual drag pageant, in which 56 competitors of all genders battled through five weeks of events in Brooklyn. What does it take to win in a contest where all the “rules” of an art form are suspended? Over the weeks leading up to the pageant’s finale, reality itself will be pushed to the breaking point.

    However, only one may claim the title of MX. NOBODY, winning a $500 grand prize provided by BPAL and a battalion of additional prizes from other wonderful sponsors.

    In hopes of rallying future contestants to this cause, here’s a perfume blend aimed at performers and drag aficionados from all walks of life, or anyone who aspires to the judges’ NOPE factor: Newness, Outlook, Passion, and Eugh.

    Endless congrats to Diva Baby the 2023 MX. NOBODY winner, photographed especially for the latest MX. NOBODY perfume label by Jessye Herrell.

    Week 1 – July 27th, 11pm at Purgatory
    Week 2 – August 16th, 7pm at Purgatory
    Week 3 – August 30th, 7pm at Purgatory
    FINALE – September 27th, 9pm at Mercury Lounge

    Weed-smoke and lime-tinged vapors rising from a cauldron of green slime, suspended by cracked leather straps above the heads of an unsuspecting audience.

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