• Brood X Perfume Oil

    Dawn, then, was a time where things changed element for
    element. Air ran like hot spring waters nowhere, with no
    sound. The lake was a quantity of steam very still and deep
    over valleys of fish and sand held baking under its serene
    vapors. Tar was poured licorice in the streets, red bricks were
    brass and gold, roof tops were paved with bronze. The high-
    tension wires were lightning held forever, blazing, a threat
    above the unslept houses.
    The cicadas sang louder and yet louder.
    The sun did not rise, it overflowed.

    ― Ray Bradbury

    Like the cicada, rise from your sleep louder and yet louder.

    The Great Eastern Brood is now hatching, and this is our homage: moist roots, sugarcane, hay absolute, a summer-scorched golden amber, upturned soil, dew-dappled leaves, nootka, hazelnut husk, moss-touched tree bark, and a dribble of 17-year aged patchouli.

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  • Lizardfolk Park Ranger Perfume Oil

    The scent of ancient trees, vast shadowed canyons, rocky snow-tipped peaks, and rushing rivers, with notes of pine needle, oak bark, sweet birch, stream-polished stones, lichen, dark mosses, nootka, hazelnut, rivulets of amber, and blackcurrant bud.

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